Is Don Lemon gay? what about his wife or dating any others?

News by Saburo Published on 06 Nov,2016 Updated on 14 Dec,2020

Donald Davis Lemon is known as Don Lemon in his Journalism career. Don Lemon, an American writer, and TV Journalist who is right now working for CNN as the primetime news host.

Is Don Lemon Gay? 

Standing the stature of five feet and 6 inches tall, he has a fascinating look. He is 48-years-old now and still has the same excitement and puzzler as of his childhood.

Don Lemon

Don Lemon is also a writer. He has authored a book named "Transparent", published in 2011, which is identified with his own life and sexuality, likewise has talked about on colorism in the black community, homophobia, and sexual misuse as he was one of the casualties. It was then when he freely turned out as gay.

His Wife's Dating History

Don Lemon is a very popular journalist and people are curious to know his personal affairs. There was gossip that he married to performing artist named Stephanie Ortiz. This must be a false one as he has advanced himself as a gay.

In his boyfriend list, it is rumored that he had dated Calvin Harris already and has been an affair with Dustin Lance Black. We can easily found their pictures on the internet but, the news has not been declared by Lemon yet.

In a nutshell, Don Lemon is an exceptionally amazing journalist. He has a large number of fans both online and offline. His Instagram alone has around 24k adherents. His Twitter is, additionally, extremely prevalent.


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Don, turning out as gay and representing correspondence paying little heed to somebody's sexuality, is going to have a major effect on the LGBT people group. 

Born in the year 1966 March 1 in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, he has a place with the Afro-American race and has American nationality. The columnist had awful adolescence. He was brought up in the poor neighborhood of Baton Rouge, Louisiana. In his Memoir, he assures that he was sexually abused as a child by his own relative.