Is Coyote Peterson Married? All His Cutest Moments with His Daughter Pup

News by Saburo Published on 19 Jun,2017 Updated on 11 Jul,2017

How much do you know about the host of Breaking Trail's Coyote Peterson? Nathaniel Peterson in real life, he is a married man. He is also blessed with a daughter.

Interested in Coyote Peterson's married life details? We have detailed information on his dating and personal life here! 

Coyote Peterson is a Married Man 

Brave animal expert and adventurer personality Coyote Peterson is a family man. He hasn't shared much about his personal life publicly whereas his professional life is an open book for all his fans.

Peterson seems to be quite active on social media sites as he scored million of fans from the success of Discovery Digital's Emmy-winning series Breaking Trail.His social media sites are full of his adventure moments.

Coyote Peterson with a baby gator

Coyote Peterson with a baby gator

He rarely shared his family pictures on social media, however, he sometimes shares pictures of his eight years old cute daughter, Pup Peterson who was born in 2008.

Coyote Peterson and his daughter, Pup Peterson

Thirty-five years old Coyote is a proud father which we can see through his Instagram posts. On one of his Instagram posts, Peterson shared a photo of Pup where she was holding a lizard with a big smile and he captioned it:

 If there is one thing that is guaranteed to make Pup smile... its Horned Lizards!

Also in another picture, Pup was captured holding snake without any fear.Looks like Pup too is interested in insects and reptiles like her dad.She seems to be quite similar to her dad as she is fearless and brave like him.


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We can say Pub is the young version of her dad, Coyote Peterson, as she is so brave, fearless and adventurous at such a young age.

Peterson also shared many videos with his daughter in his Youtube channel, Brave Wilderness where he has over 700m views and 5.4m YouTube subscribers.In all those videos, we can see the daughter and father bonding.Peterson seems to be quite close to his daughter and we can say he is a loving father.