Is CNN's Becky Anderson Single or Married?Who is she Dating Currently?Know about her Relationship

Forty-nine years old Becky Anderson is a  British journalist and the anchor of CNN International's flagship news. The British media sensation Becky 's professional life is an open book, but is she that public about her personal life? Not exactly. That's why we are discussing Becky Anderson's personal life here.

Is Becky Anderson married or single? Or is she dating someone? We are answering all that and more about CNN's Becky Anderson here! Let's start!!

Is  CNN's Becky Anderson still Single or Married? 

Becky has keeps a very low personal life profile, she clearly doesn't like media interfering in her private life. Our guess is that Becky Anderson is secretly in a relationship with someone and doesn't want to make it public. There's also the fact that journalists tend to keep their personal life away as a measure to remain serious in their work and credible to the audience. 


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Anderson seems to be very sensitive regarding her personal life, on her long journalism journey she hasn't left any clue regarding her personal life. Becky is definitely very secretive and conscious on her relationship issues. She, however,  loves visiting new places and feels fortunate to have visited several countries due to her profession.


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If you go through Becky's social medias you'll see that she has many male colleagues and she shares a number of photos with her male friends on her Instagram. Is any of these colleagues Becky Anderson's lover/boyfriend?  Since Becky hasn't come out and mentioned anyone has her boyfriend, let's keep the speculations away. 

CNN's Becky Anderson's Career and Achievements

At present, Becky Anderson works for CNN, one of the world’s largest news organization. Her reports include national and international news for the CNN. She is active on social sites like Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook.  

Becky Anderson made her professional debut in the field of journalism in 1899 working as a print reporter for several business publications. Gradually, she rose ahead in her field and went on to work for EBN and CNBC.

 Becky Anderson on her CNN's show

Becky Anderson on her CNN's show

Anderson soon became a reporter known for her versatility and power in interviewing important world leaders. She has reported on and interviewed world-famous personalities like the Prime Minister of Israel and President of Afghanistan. She also reported the breaking news of Iraq war in 2003.

Not only that, Becky Anderson also reported the  British election in 2012 and covered the whole agenda presented by the political parties of United Kingdom.

She led a team of CNN during the Olympic Games of 2012, where she was praised by her senior media person for her sensible and accurate reporting. 

Quick facts on Becky Anderson

  •  Becky Anderson was born on 15 November 1967 in Manchester England.
  • She holds a bachelor's degree in Economics and French from the University of  Sussex.
  • Becka too holds a master's degree in ma s s communication from the Arizona State University.
  • She has covered major national events like London attack, Iraq terror, and many others.
  • Anderson has interviewed several personalities like Tom Hanks, Lady Gaga, Brad Pitt.


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