Is CNBC's retail reporter Courtney Reagan married? Are there any rumors of she having boyfriends?

News by Clarence Published on 03 Oct,2016 Updated on 10 Sep,2020

How romantic would it be if your beloved one proposes you on-air? Wouldn't that be the happiest thing one can experience?

Something similar happened with reporter Courtney Reagan while she was taping a segment of 'Nightly Business Report', a few years ago. 

Courtney Reagan Gets on Air Marriage Proposal

Discussion on rings was going on as the show’s anchor, Tyler Mathisen, rattled off the question about the diamond market referring to the popular mid-level diamond jeweler Jared, which happened to be Reagan boyfriend’s name as well.

All of a sudden, Jared Baker entered the show and surprised her by exploding up the big question. The stunned reporter just stood and watched getting very emotional. Jared took out a beautiful ring and then proposed her for marriage, being on his knees. Reagan immediately started crying as he began to propose her.

Jared Baker proposed Courtney Reagan saying “I love you so much since the day I met you, I love your smile, I love your laugh, I even love the way you dance.” At last, he said, “will you marry me”? The answer surely was "Yes'.

 According to, the couple got married on August 31, 2014. The Couple got married in the beautiful St. Joseph church located at Dayton. Now, she is living happily with her husband Jared Baker.

Courtney Reagan, the CNBC Reporter

Courtney Reagan was born on November 8, 1992, in the United States. She is a hardworking and dedicated reporter, who believes in hard work more than Luck. Before joining CNBC, she was associated with NBC page program. She hosted the dateline NBC and Weekend Today. She ran the show effectively and efficiently.