Is 21-Year-Old YouTuber Liza Koshy Single or Dating David Dobrik? Details About Her Affairs Here

News by Saburo Published on 22 Oct,2017 Updated on 22 Oct,2017

Bored at home, or work? Need a laugh? Liza Koshy might just be the one “Coming at You” to rescue you from boredom. The 21 year old is a YouTube sensation. Check out her videos once and you'll understand why she is so popular!

She may have 11 million subscribers on her YouTube channel but what about the one? Is she single or is she dating someone.

Is Liza Koshy Single?

If you've been following Liza you ought to have figured out that there is definitely something brewing between Liza and David Dobrik.



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The couple have been dating since 2015 and we have to admit that they are just adorable together.

The power couple and are supportive of each other and definitely know how to please their audiences and if you're wondering how in sync they are, here's the video of them filming a video together

Although it is pretty obvious by now that the two are dating but  still many people are popping questions about their relationship status to which David made a hillarious tweet.



Also, on the 9th of April 2017, Liza uploaded a video "Its time we tell you" in which both she and David explained their first meet and the story about the ring that David gave her to which everyone was speculating whether they were engaged. So are Liza and David actually engaged? What do you think?

Are Liza Koshey and David Dobrik engaged? 

All of their fans do want to see the couple get engaged and eventually get married. Well, its true that David gave Liza a ring which has further fuelled the fire on the rumor that the two are engaged. But wait, Liza can be seen wearing the ring on her middle finger and not the ring finger . So there's still some air of doubt whether or not they're officially engaged.

Lastly, we hope that they stay together and keep on making videos and keep entertaining us like they always do. 

Quick Facts

  • Liza Koshy was born on March 31st, 1996
  • Liza Koshy is biracial as her father in Indian and her mother is American
  • Liza Koshy Joined YouTube on 2 Sep 2013.
  • Liza Koshy  has received all three, the Silver, Gold and Diamond Play Button from YouTube.
  • Liza Koshy starred in a short film called "Jingle Ballin"  about the struggles of life and being a YouTuber that she created herself.
  •  Recently in 2017, she was a part of Joey Graceffa's Escape The Night Season 2 cast.