Irish Boy Darragh Hyde, 3 And His Family Faced Deportation Following His Disease As He Is Considered "Burden On The Health System"

News by Hendrix Published on 10 Jun,2019 Updated on 10 Jun,2019

Son’s Medical Condition Could See Irish Immigrant Family Deported From Australia     

  • An Irish family in Australia could be deported due to their son having a medical condition called cystic fibrosis which the government says is a burden to the Australian health system.
  • The family was given 8 days before they would be deported and have appealed the decision. 
  • Various people have come out in support of the family and the locals in their community have said that the community would be worse off without them.
  • There have been no comments made by The Department of Home Affairs of Australia as they do not comment on individual cases.

The Hyde Family is an Irish immigrant family currently living in Seymour, 100km north of Melbourne face the risk of getting deported from Australia as their son, Darragh Hyde aged 3, has a condition called cystic fibrosis. The Australian officials have cited reasons that the medical condition would be a burden to the Australian Healthcare system.      

According to Wikipedia cystic fibrosis affects the lungs, pancreas liver, kidneys, and intestine. It is a genetic disorder that causes respiratory problems among various other difficulties for the victim.    

CAPTION: Darragh Hyde aged 3 has a medical condition called cystic fibrosis SOURCE: PressFrom

The Hydes have appealed to Immigration Minister David Coleman to accept their request and revert the decision that rejected them permanent residency.  

The Australian, as well as the federal government, requires the candidates to meet basic health requirements which include a condition that treatment costs should not exceed $40,000 a year but their son’s treatment would cost around $300,000 a year.   

People living in close proximity to the Hydes’ home in Seymour have come out and said that the family has contributed a lot to their community. According to 7News reports the family will get the final decision on June 18.