IFBB's Bodybuilder Phil Heath Dating A New Girlfriend After Divorce from Ex-Wife Jennie Laxson Heath

News by Saburo Published on 23 Apr,2017 Updated on 13 Sep,2021

Phillip or Phil Heath the winner of Mr. Olympia for six-time is America's famous IFBB professional bodybuilder. Along with his well-toned body, he also has a great smile.

Phil faced divorce from his former wife, Jennie Laxson in the year 2015. And now he is seen with a new girl. Who is she?

Phil Heath's current relationship

If you have been following Phile Heath, then you might have noticed a new girl with him. It's his girlfriend who he has been dating recently.

Phil's girlfriend is Sherrie from Mile High City Arizona. They seem to be happy as they are together most of the time.

In a recent post from Phil, she seems very supportive and helpful.



Favorite Place to rest my head @philheath

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Even though the love between Phil and his model girlfriend is pure, there are always who have some negativity about a perfect relationship.

Is it really true that there is some negativity in Phil's relationship? Do you know how his past relationship was?

Phil Heath's Relationship with his ex-wife Jennie Laxson

Phil Heath and his longtime girlfriend Jennie Laxson were married in the year June 23, 2007. His former wife, Jennie is a cosmetologist. The couple met for the first time at a restaurant named Fasano's and started dating each other in 2004.

Six years after their marriage, his ex-wife Jennie Laxson was diagnosed with the first stage of breast cancer in 2013. Even with the problem of breast cancer, Phil did not give up the relationship.

Phile did not jump into the relationship just after his divorce, he took some time and got with Shurie, and now, Shurie is very lucky to find Phil as her boyfriend.

However, after the cancer was cured, Jennie Laxson could not let her loving husband suffer more and decided to split.

And in the year 2015, the marriage was officially over. While battling cancer, a life was saved but the relationship could not be saved.

Divorce with such a loving husband can be a great loss but she only lost Phil as a husband but are still good friends.