How to know you are in Depression

Article by Published on Updated on 30 May, 2014

Depression is the mental disability or the state when people are not in the well state of thinking acting or even doing anything. It is a very common problem these days among people of various age groups. People have different types of depression. Depression leads to various other problems as well. Depression sometimes can be felt too badly but sometimes people even don’t feel that they are in state of depression when actually they are in it. Depression is a serious problem and one must know how to deal with it and how to know that you are in a serious state of depression. Here are some ways to know and find out that whether you are in depression or not. The following points will clarify among the state of depression.

1)  Clear your mind up by collecting data regarding that what things you have done and what things you are going to do ,what has made you worry. Take a good rest , relax both physically and mentally and then recollect your thoughts so that you can figure out that what is causing you a disturbance.

2)  Think about the events like what you had done recently or where had you gone so that you can be sure about what things can affect you and what problems may be there leading you to serious discomfort mentally. It might even be an event that can be too emotionally linked to you.

3)  Checking yourself that whether you are feeling restless, tired or Irritable or even frustrated cause these things may lead to state of being depressed quite easily. If you are being unable to concentrate then this might be even a symptom that you are in depression.Analyze yourself that whether you are thinking negatively or you are being pessimistic.

4)  Lack of interest in your favourite thing , lack of concentration, lack of energy and lack of sleep might lead to a serious depression and you must know that whether these things are making you depressed or not.

5)  Every people have some unexplainable pains that they can’t bear alone and this feeling too can lead to depression.Feelinf of loneliness or emptiness even is one of the reason of being depressed.

6)  Feeling of doing something bad or commiting suicide , feeling of destroying ownself , taking the load of a guilt that you have not done and thinking too much on that etc might be the reasons you are in stress or depression.

7)  If thinking like “I am useless” , “I don’t get respected” , “I am not liked by people” , “I don’t deserve to be happy and don’t care if my parents or friends feel sad about my death” etc are some of thoughts that constantly keep circulating throughout the body when a person is in depression.

8)  Talking to people about being depressed might help one to overcome this feeling and consulting a doctor about this will of course make you feel a lot better. Looking for professional help on being depressed infact is the best idea to get known about the matter or to even get rid of it quite easily. A less thinking , few laughs and a healthy living with positive mindset is the key to get rid of it completely.



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