How To Decorate Your Home With Kardashian Style And Flair

News by Joey Jordan Published on 06 Mar,2019 Updated on 06 Mar,2019

There’s no denying that Kim, Khloe, Kourtney, Kendall, and Kylie the rest are style icons. They always have showstopping outfits, their hair and makeup are on-point, and they know how to turn heads. What many of us also appreciate is how spectacularly their homes are decorated. If you haven’t noticed, just check their Instagrams or rewatch past episodes of Keeping Up with the Kardashians. When they’re not at photo shoots, they often still look like they are because their homes are immaculate.

Maybe your bathroom needs a little injection of color or your bedroom could use a little boost this year. If you’ve considered redecorating, don’t let the elegance and quirkiness of the Kardashian’s interior design escape you. And you don’t even have to bust your budget on a celebrity interior designer like Jeff Andrews.

So, we’ve taken some time to examine Kardashian interior design a bit closer to see exactly how they achieve their flawless decorating style. We’ve come up with five tips to make your home resemble a Kardashian palace.

1. Don’t Be Afraid to Make a Statement

Be unapologetic when it comes to your home’s style. Many people are afraid to be too loud or too out there--don’t be. Unless you want your entire place to feel like a blah background, you will have to take steps to break the boring cycle.

While you don’t need to cover every inch of your place with something crazy, it’s ok to have a vase full of peacock feathers, a boldly patterned area rug, or vibrant colored chairs.

Lampshades can also make a dramatic impact on a room. Try replacing your current lampshade with one that is three times bigger and in a bold shape. You can also find a uniquely patterned lampshade that will come alive when you turn your light on.

2. Let Your Guests Fall in Love with the Details

Make guests want to look around by hiding small surprises throughout your room in the minute details. A great way to shows visitors that you’ve thought of it all is by replacing your boring knobs and drawer pulls with custom-made or artistic options. And they don’t have to completely match, either. Try finding antique animal drawer pulls on Esty. You can pair a turtle and a hare or bees with flowers.

And don’t overlook your wall space--all the way to the ceiling. One way to make your home feel and look more luxurious is to hang your window curtains from the ceiling rather than a few inches about the window frame. Or try a gallery wall that extends upward, inches from the ceiling.

3. Embrace Individuality

Don’t omit your unique view of the world from your home. You want to celebrate who you are, where you’re going, and where you’ve been in a fun and fresh way! Before deciding on all your details, make sure you consider including your memories.

Add an eclectic flair by finding one or two special heirlooms to include in your design. This can be a framed doily from your grandma or a picture from your mom’s childhood.

The same is true of your knickknacks. Place objects that tell a story on your bookshelf or create shadow boxes. The personal nature of these items will make them special and inspire your guests.

4. Find A Balance Between Bold And Neutral

Keeping your room neutral will make your color choices and special items pop. The Kardashians love black and white for a reason. A black-and-white color scheme is classic and bold.

If you want to embrace black and white, avoid all checkerboard or geometric patterns. You can soften the black-and-white effect by adding black and white photos. You can print some of your favorite memories or you can choose from high-quality free black-and-white stock photos for a more artistic look.

Pairing black and white with neutrals like creams and tan is extremely classy. Try to keep large pieces of furniture neutral, so your hot pink throw pillows create more contrast.

5. Let Your Palace Drip In Gold

Metallics are hot. They’re in when it comes to fashion, and they also add dimension and light to interior designs. When it comes to placing metallics don’t be afraid to mix and match a bit. Silver goes well with rose gold and copper. Gold also looks great with silver and bronze.

Consider mirrors and metallics where you might not suspect them Get a metallic coffee table or rosegold geometric light fixtures.

One of the hottest Kardashian-inspired trends is metallic lamps and on metallic side tables or nightstands. If you won’t want to splurge on a new side table or nightstand, try purchasing a silver serving tray from a secondhand shop.

When it comes to your home, it should dazzle as much as you do. From ceiling to floor, deck you adobe with some sparkle and glamour. And don’t forget to turn the lights down low in the evening and celebrate how beautiful your home truly is.