How old is the co-host of the TV Show ''Flip or Flop'' - Explore the details of this TV Personality

News by Bartley Published on 31 May,2016 Updated on 31 May,2016

The Flip and Flop show host Tarek El Moussa, a popular HGTV presenter was diagnosed with cancer and was SAVED by one of his viewers who spotted an unusual lump on his neck. The news made headlines as a registered nurse Ryan Read was watching a Flip or Flop marathon in 2013 when she noticed a lump on host Tarek El Moussa's neck. She immediately contacted the show’s producers and told them about it. She said he needed to get the nodule on his thyroid checked out. Moussa after having a biopsy was diagnosed with thyroid cancer, which is now in remission. Tarek El Moussa, 34, co-host of the series Flip or Flop thanked Ryan Read for helping detect his thyroid cancer after the registered nurse noticed a large nodule on his thyroid while watching a Season One marathon.

Read who was also a fan of the show and a registered nurse, immediately contacted producers explaining this and said Moussa needed to have it checked out, which led to his diagnosis in 2013 at age 31, Fox 6 Now reported. Ryan Read, of Aubrey, Texas said during an episode of The Doctors in 2013 when she met Moussa for the first time, she said, "you get that gut feeling, you know, Half-way through an episode during the marathon I saw it and stopped the TV, rewound it and watched it again.” 'I watched a few more episodes and I'm like 'there's definitely something there, I need to get the message to him'. The co-hosts hugged Read as they met her for the first time during an episode of The Doctors. Moussa's cancer is now in remission and thanks to Read; it was able to be detected before it spread any further.

Read said that she just had a gut feeling when she was watching the show and knew that after seeing the lump she needed to get the message to Moussa. Read said that she just had a gut feeling when she was watching the show. Moussa and his wife Christina El Moussa together host the show and is real life real estate agents boyfriend turned husband, Talek and she turned their office affair into a real life affair and got married. They welcomed their second child, son Brayden James, in August.

The couple also has a daughter, Taylor. The couple had struggled for more than two years to get pregnant with Brayden James with two unsuccessful attempts with IVF, including a miscarriage prior to Moussa's diagnosis, People reported. Now that the host's cancer is in remission, Moussa remains optimistic about his future. 'I feel fantastic. I'm in shape, I'm taking all my medicines, and I'm currently in remission,' he told sources. Tarek's wife Christina was also accused of a plastic surgery but she denied all of it calling the news bogus. The presenter owns a net worth of $2 million.