How Much is YouTuber Keemstar's Net worth? Details About His Salary, Cars, Career and Deals

News by Saburo Published on 29 Aug,2017 Updated on 29 Aug,2017

Keemstar is an American YouTuber, a video game streamer, developer and host of Youtube Channel 'DramaAlert' news and social interaction source on youtube. The Youtuber with so many aspects to his career is indeed a rich man.

The leader of the "Federation of Asshole Gamers or the "[email protected]" who has more than 1.2 million subscribers on his YouTube channel has made his huge net worth from YouTube mostly. Even though his DramaAlert Channel has come under fire many times, it is still popular. We're discussing the YouTuber's net worth, salary and career earnings here. 

How much is DramaAlert's Keemstar's Net worth? Know about his Earnings

The number 1 most subscribed person on the Youtube Pewdiepie has an estimated net worth of $20 million as reported by Celebrity Net Worth,  his videos on youtube have been watched more than 10 billion times, and he currently has over 50 million subscribers. Keemstar isn't that as popular as Pewdie, but he sure has his own steady number of followers. 

Keemstar with his friends on ride

Keemstar with his friends on ride

Keemstar's DramaAlert has over 1.8 million subscribers with over 273 million views since it was started in June 2014. His career earning from his youtube channel is over $70,000. He was previously a Lawyer before he started his career as a YouTuber, he added to his net worth as a Lawyer.

Keemstar in his Chaverolet Corvette

Keemstar in his Chevrolet Corvette

As for his car, Keemster is often seen driving a white Chevrolet Corvette Z06 Convertible which costs $90,000. His $1.4 million of net worth as a YouTuber proves he is a hard working man.

YouTuber Keemstar's Career Highlights

You might be familiar with this man if you are a YouTuber, Keemstar is the most subscribed YouTuber in Live video game streaming site Blogtv with his channel named DramaAlert. The channel is famous for his controversial opinions and history of hostile exchanges, he is probably the most-talked and notorious man on YouTube platform.

Keemstar in his show DramaAlert

Keemstar in his show DramaAlert

Keemstar's youtube career started since 2009 when he was first featured in a video uploaded by his friend which had more than 100,000 views. Later he decided to create his own youtube channel 'DramaAlert' in 2014, he uploaded controversial topics about famous personalities on his channel.

 Quick Facts on Keemstar

  • Keemstar launched DramaAlert originally as NewDramaAlert on June 15, 2014.
  • His channel accumulated more than 300,000 subscribers in its first 10 months.
  • Keemstar was born on March 8, 1982, in Buffalo, New York, USA.
  • His nickname is Killer Keemstar.
  • Keemstar gets extra income through sponsorship deals from companies like G-Fuel.