How Much is Larissa Waters's net worth?Know about her Career, salary and Awards

News by Saburo Published on 25 Jul,2017 Updated on 25 Jul,2017

A native of Winnipeg, Canada, Larissa Waters is a former Australian politician from Queensland, representing the Australian Greens. Besides, she served as a deputy leader of the party prior to leaving Senate.

On board, we’ll discuss Larissa Waters net worth, career, and achievements. How much does Larissa Waters earn? Beyond that, Larissa has done some impressive and nutritious Senate multitasking around 22nd June 2017. What was it? Let's dig a little deeper

How Much Is Larissa Waters’ net worth?

Gorgeous and wise, Larissa Waters is Senator for Queensland so obviously, Queensland deputy employees are counted as the highest paid politicians. Surprisingly enough, according to Parliament of Queensland Act 2001, base salaries for Queensland politicians are listed at $500 less than that of federal politicians.

The difference would put Queensland employees on a base salary of $194,630, less than the federal base salary of $195,130. Larissa Waters is paid $199,040 per year. Her monthly base salary is somewhere around $16,586.67. Her net worth is yet to be revealed to the public.

Larissa Waters

Image: Larissa announced a $2.85 billion plan to make solar households independent of the grid.
Source: Sunshine Coast Daily

Larissa currently resides in Brisbane with husband Jeremy Gates and daughter Alia Joy. She is fond of exploring various cuisines and traveling. In a leisure, she enjoys cooking and bush walking. Larissa spends money in wearing expensive designer brands.

Larissa Waters: Australian Senator’s Breastfeeding History

Most recently, Larissa Waters broke the record by breastfeeding within Parliament, which is not the first time for the fearless female leader. Reportedly, while addressing her fellow makers on 9th May, Larissa breastfed her daughter during her speech in Canberra. Indeed, the fact made her the first woman in Australian parliament to give a speech while breastfeeding. Following, this, Larissa became the first Australian politician to breastfeed her baby, Alia in Parliament in May. Larissa, the co-deputy leader, was thinking breastfeeding would help to fight against lung disease, which has been on rising. According to Buzzfeed, Larissa said she had to breastfeed her baby daughter at the very moment.


Larissa Waters' first lady to breastfeed a baby in parliament

Image: Larissa Waters' first female politician to breastfeed a baby in Parliament

Source: The Sydney Morning Herald

“Black lung disease is black among coal miners in Queensland and her baby was hungry". 

Larissa left the Senate on 18th July 2017 after the revelation she held dual Australian and Canadian citizenship. She is the second Greens senator to resign after Scott Ludlam quit right four days ago.

Quick Facts about Larissa Waters

  • Larissa Waters served as a senator for Queensland born on 8th February 1977.
  • Larissa served as a lawyer before being a politician.
  • Larissa Waters and Jeremy Gates married in 2010 and has a 3-month-old daughter.
  • Larissa Waters was the lead Senate candidate for the Australian Greens in Queensland at the 2007 federal election.