How Much is Kelly Lynch's Net Worth? Details about her Car, Home and Career

News by Clarence Published on 13 Jul,2017 Updated on 13 Jul,2017

We all believe that the best thing about being rich is the freedom; freedom to do whatever you want whenever you want, just like Kelly Lynch does.The actress/model based in Golden Valley Minnesota gained wide popularity for playing Dianne in Drugstore Cowboy which garnered her Independent Spirit Award.

Lynch comes from money and quite a lot at that. Let's shed light on Kelly's net worth, lifestyle, income and other money related facts here. 

How much Is Kelly Lynch’s Net Worth?

The 58-year-old blonde starlet, Kelly Lynch’s current net worth is $20 million. Her main source of income is acting, modeling and she was even a flight attendant once. When it comes to assets, Lynch owns a black Range Rover car which costs around $65,650. And on top of it all, Kelly Lynch is married to the American movie producer, Mitch Glazer, since 1992. Kelly’s husband also has a net worth of $20 million.

Image: Kelly Lynch

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And where does Kelly Lynch spend her millions? She is fond of jewelry and expensive brands but that's not all. She also spends in real estate. Lynch and Glazer bought a desert house in 1992 designed by  Richard Neutra in Los Angeles, California. The house was set among the boulders of Lone Pine.

Kelly Lynch and Mitch Glazer's house

Image: Kelly Lynch and Mitch Glazer's house at L.A, California

Source: The Hollywood Reporter

Six years later, Kelly and Mitch bought a spectacular house by John Lautner in the Hollywood Hills. In the year 2007. 

Kelly Lynch’s Career Highlights

Kelly Lynch began her professional career as a model with Elite while she was studying with the legendary Sanford Meisner. She started a professional on-camera career in the mid-80s, playing a small role on The Equalizer. The blonde model rose to fame in 1988 with a part in Bright Lights, Big City

Lynch played the lead role as the nymphomaniac wife of Bryan Brown in Cocktail with Tom Cruise. Kelly is also known for co-starring in The L Word, 90210, and most recently on Magic City. Kelly Lynch has been married to Mitch Glazer, movie producer, writer, and actor, since 1992. 

Quick Five Facts About Kelly Lynch

  • Kelly has featured in altogether 45 films and 11 TV series to date.
  • Kelly inspired a number of characters in Magic City; the tv series created by her husband, Mitch Glazer.
  • Kelly Lynch made her first acting debut as the titular character next to video sci-fi quickie Osa in 1985.
  • Kelly Lynch garnered Independent Spirit Award for Best Supporting Female for portraying Roberta Bean in The Beans of Egypt, Maine in the year 1994.
  • Lynch grabbed public attention playing opposite Patrick Swayze in the action flick, "Road House" in 1989.