How Much is Julie Stewart's Net Worth? Know about her Career and Awards

News by Saburo Published on 08 Jun,2017 Updated on 08 Aug,2017

One of the most talked about and well established Canadian Television journalists of Fox Sports 1 Julie Stewart has the net worth of more than $1 million. Along with Fox Sports, she has worked in many other networks as well.

With all the works that she has done, she has built a luxurious life for herself too. All that can be seen on her social media feed. Let's get the details about Julia Stewart's millions. 

Julie Stewart Has a Luxurious Life

With a net worth more than a million, Julie Stewart has a life of everyone's dreams. Say you have a net worth of million and steady income in hundreds of thousands, what would you do with it? Have all the chocolates? She has that. Travel the world? Without any doubt. Buy all the good shoes, clothes. Have a pet like Siberian husky? Well, she has it all.

Julie Stewart

Julie Stewart

People with a lot of money do not make a lot of friends, real ones. But it is different with Stewart. She is good with people as well.

A Perfect Combo!

She is one of a kind girl who has everything she wants but she did not get it all in one day. Julia Stewart worked hard for it. Now let's take a peek on the reporter's career which has made her what she is now.

Julie Stewart's Career From The Beginning

The Master's degree holder in International Broadcast Journalism, Julia Stewart, has been working in the field of journalism since 2010 but not at Fox. She was first associated with CBS as a program assistant, along with that she also reported for the NHL team, Toronto Maple.

Julie Stewart

Julie Stewart


She was also the desk anchor for Fox Soccer Channel and reporter for CTV Television Network. After working in different networks, finally, in 2013 she was at Fox Sports 1. Even though her salary has not been disclosed, her salary is the main source of her net worth.

Julie Stewart did not just earn millions from her works, She was also honored with some awards which include, Academy Of Canadian Cinema and Television Award for Best Performance by an Actress in a Continuing Leading Dramatic Role.

Best Wishes to Julie Stewart. For more celebs news and updates keep coming back to Article Bio.