How much is Jericka Duncan paid by the CBS News? Ascertain the correspondent's net worth & salary

News by Clarence Published on 27 Oct,2016 Updated on 16 Jul,2019

Current promotion to CBS' Newspath coverage is a huge success for CBS news correspondent Jericka Duncan after she won Best journalist award by Philadelphia Association of Black Journalists. The African American NY resident Jericka Duncan is enjoying her promotion and life in Manhatten NY.

Jericka has many fans all over America as she is an independent and outgoing truth-hungry reporter and we are sure there are millions of readers who will like to know about her Salary and net worth which she earned due to her honest reporting. So, let's take a look at the salary and net worth of this young single mother of a lovely child.

Jericka Duncan with her baby daughter
If you think Journalism is a reputed but less paid profession then you are wrong for sure. Today we have Jericka Duncan who stands with the net worth of 20 million and salary above 45 thousand USD per year at our chart to make you think twice about it. 

Jericka Duncan's Cars And House

Though she has an exciting career she lives a simple life drives a Chevrolets worth $20k and owns an SUV to hover around her work station for reporting but as NY is a busy city and it is easy to get a train to anywhere so there are not too many options other than to take a metro train to your workstation which comes handy for most of the Newyorkers and so does she. And you can find her dining in a totally normal reasonable restaurant in NY if you are lucky some days.

After only three years at CBS3, reporter Jericka Duncan is moving on up to the network. She has been promoted to handle Newspath coverage a side project of CBS singlehandedly. She will be covering the national news with CBS's local affiliates.

"On the Top of CBS"
Starting her career from WETM-TV in 2005 as an anchor and reporter she has climbed a long ladder of success gradually over the years. Her affiliation with the famous 24-7 CBS network started after she joined WIVB-TV which is affiliated to CBS buffalo in early 2007. 

The news angel won an Emmy Award in the "Best Morning Show" category and "Best Spot News Coverage" the same year she joined the network. Later in 2013, she was given a shot at CBS and she nailed! She was flawless as a correspondent and later in the year she was cast as the main host for CBS network.

The media personality owns a house in New York City. It's worth maybe in $million. 

Jericka Duncan Net Worth and Salary

Jericka currenlty serves for CBS News and her annual salary is over $129,211 a year. All her traveling cost for the network and weather reporting is sponsored by the news giant. 

Work in progressShe owns an apartment in Manhatten and lives a simple life with her three years old daughter and maybe her savings are for her daughter's future career, so she lives a simple life enjoys normal food and keeps herself busy in work and studies to foster her understanding even further.

Jericka Duncan's Quick Facts 

She was born on August 12, 1983, in New York City. She belongs to American nationality and her ethnicity is mixed. 

As of 2019, she is aged 35 years.

She is not married yet. As of now, she is probably single. 

She currently resides in New York City.