How Much Is Brandon Steven's Net Worth?Details Of His Salary, Expenses And Property.

News by Valdemar Published on 03 Jan,2018 Updated on 03 Jan,2018

The car dealer and a businessman, Brandon Steven, not only made his name in the business sector but is also well recognized in the field of poker. 

Born in an entrepreneurial family, Brandon knew the value of money and started working as a car wash attendant at a local dealership since his early age and was a full-fledged car salesman at the time he was 17. 

With the passion towards work and earning money, he blazed his own trial in the automotive business and now he plays with billions. 

Today we are discussing the net worth and earnings of the owner of Eddy's Toyota in Wichita, KS, Brandon Steven. So keep reading.

How much is Brandon Steven’s net-worth?

Brandon Steven, to your surprise, listed under 654th richest man in the entire world with an estimated net worth of $1.5 Billion, according to Forbes Magazine 2014.

Well, what do you expect from a man who owns more than 3 cars dealership? 

The owner of Eddy’s Toyota, Brandon Steven

The owner of Eddy’s Toyota, Brandon Steven

Steven didn’t make the net worth of $1.5 Billion overnight, he has given more of his life to reach where he is now. Due to Steven's hard work, Eddy’s Toyota has been awarded many top Toyota’s honors and that doesn’t come unless a dealership puts its customers first.

Brandon Steven’s Source Of Income

According to, a small retailer earns around $120,000 per year selling out 10 cars every month. Well, not to forget Brandon Steven owns around 3 dealerships and we can only imagine his income per year. 

Also, he is into playing poker and probably has earned millions from it. In World Series of Poker 2013, Steven earned more than $435,000 when playing with a lady named Beverly Lange.
As of now, he has won more than 3 tournaments earning more than $650,000 in 2010 and $1 million in the successive years. 

Brandon Steven’s won a prize money worth $648000

Brandon Steven’s won a prize money worth $648000

Also, he was ranked No. 1 in the state of Kansas earning more than $3 million, according to Hendon Mob.In one of his interview, he stated though money is a big part of it he came to win not for the money but for the name. 

Brandon Steven in a casino which his chips 

Brandon Steven in a casino which his chips 

In his words,

I say it’s not about the money, but the money is a big part of it. It justifies being here, it justifies being away from work and my family.

Well, his source of income doesn’t end here as he is also involved in several Wichita-area dealerships including Genesis Health Clubs and the Wichita Thunder professional hockey team.

Brandon Steven’s Expenses 

Brandon Steven is a man with a golden heart. He not only knows how to earn but also knows where to spend it. 
Not including his personal splurges, he supported Gay Liebert’s One Drop charity foundation by giving a prize pool of $17,891,148 and the top prize was of $4.8 Million. 

He also started Ace of Kids which is an annual charity poker game in Wichita that collected to $20,000 and the proceeds of it went to Genesis Foundation for Fitness & Tennis, to provide funding for underprivileged kids to play tennis and sports.

In 2015, he tried to build a $145 million casino in southeastern Kansas but didn't succeed.

Also recently invested in transforming a one-time Players space at 6200 W. 21st St. across from Sedgwick County Park into a new high-end steakhouse, which is called 6S.

Quick Facts:

  • Brandon Steven was born on 25 July 1973.
  • He was born in Wichita, Kansas.
  • He was born to Rebecca Steven and entrepreneur Rodney Steven Sr.
  • He attended Southern Illinois University in Carbondale, Ill.
  • He earned his bachelor’s degree in marketing in 1995.
  • He is married to Karen and shares 6 children with her.