How much does Journalist Laura Kuenssberg earn? Know about her Annual Salary and Career

News by Clarence Published on 18 May,2017 Updated on 19 May,2017

Laura Kuenssberg, a popular British journalist, currently works as a political editor at the BBC news. She recently accused of a failure of accuracy upon Jermy Corbyn and Theresa May’s election campaigns via her twitter on May 2, 2017.

The 41-years-old Laura is in the journalism industry since a long period of time. She is a former business editor of ITV news where she served from 2011 to 2013. What is her net worth? How much amount of salary she receives from BBC? Let’s explore it.

What is her annual salary? How much net worth has she earned?

BBC’s political editor Lauren’s exact figure of net worth is not available to the public. However, according to some sources, BBC’s editor’s salary ranges from $69k to $75K.

Lauren is one of the most experienced and talented journalists of the British journalism industry. Before becoming political editor at BBC, she worked in the Newsnight and her salary was £200K per year.

Image: Lauren Kuenssberg

Source: Huffington post

In July 2015, Lauren became first women political editor of the BBC replacing Nick Robinson. She was accused of being biased against the Labor Party leader Jermy Corbyn and called for her dismissal.

In January 2017, the BBC trust said that Laura broke the broadcaster’s impartiality and accuracy guidelines in an interview with Corbyn in November 2015.

Recently a leader of Labor party joked on Kuenssberg in “her heart of hearts” after she said his message so far “hasn’t cut it with ordinary voters”.

Lauren Kuenssberg’s career in BBC

Laura Kuenssberg joined BBC Northeast and Cumbria in March 2000. Later, she was appointed as chief political correspondent for BBC News. She reported for BBC One bulletins, Daily Politics and BBC News.

During general election and formation of the coalition government, her presence was widespread at prime minister David Cameroon's rule and is widely remembered for her work in election reporting.

In September 2011, she left the BBC and went on to join ITV as a business editor at ITV News. While working there, she contributed business reports in ITV’s current affairs show, Tonight. Lauren also presented news program at Ten alongside Alastair Stewart.

In February 2014, she returned with BBC and joined the Newsnight team. And after a year and four months, she was appointed as the political editor of the BBC News.