How much does Meteorologist A.J. Burnett earn in a year?Find out his Net Worth and Salary

News by Clarence Published on 09 Jun,2017 Updated on 03 Aug,2017

They say no one can write knowingly of the weather who walks bent over on wet days. A.J.Burnett isn't one of those guys.

He knows New England and relays important weather forecasts in a clear and personable way which attracts viewers.Today we discuss A.J. Burnett's in net worth, salary, and other monetary terms!

A.J. Burnett is a 15-year veteran meteorologist as well as the Weather Producer known for WCVB's StormTeam 5, an ABC-affiliated tv station based in Boston Massachusetts, United States. Prior to joining WCBV-TV, Burnett worked as a Substitute Teacher at Beverly Public Schools. He is widely recognized as a dedicated weather scientist. 

How Much Does A.J. Burnett Earn In A Year; Discover His Net Worth and Salary

A.J. Burnett is paid around $60,535 to  $62,992 annually for his position as a Weekend Meteorologist with WCVB-TV's EyeOpener morning newscasts. Despite being a successful journalist, Burnett has managed to keep his personal life away from media. 

To add to his assets, Burnett has a quite lavish home!


My new home.

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Given that was a weathercaster at WCVB-TV for 15 years covering some of the major weather breaking news, his net worth is $3 million, most likely, or more. However official figures aren't made public.

 Presently, Burnett and his wife Carrie reside in the North Shore with their two little girls. He is currently involved with Hearst Television and  Burnett Media Group.

A.J.Burnett Career Highlights

Burnett’s journalism career began in 1996. He worked as a Radio Broadcast Meteorologist until the end of 1998. From May 2000 to January 2004, A.J. worked as a freelance meteorologist at WFXT FOX25. From 2004 to 2012, he served as a weather anchor for eight years at WFXT and successfully converted weather content to higher resolution.

Burnett has covered many memorable storms, including, Super Storm Sandy, the Mother's Day Floods of 2005, and countless nor'easters as well as Tornado Outbreak in Western Massachusetts in 2011, and the Blizzard of 2013. Burnett went to WCVB-TV in January 2013 as a weekend meteorologist with the network’s EyeOpener morning newscasts.

Apart from his work at WCVB, A.J. is certified with the Alzheimer's Association MA/NH Chapter, continuing a proud family tradition of volunteerism, Burnett has been an advocate and supporter of the association for many years, even holding a position on the chapter's Board of Directors.

On 14th April 2016, A.J.Burnett went for a vacation at the Museum of Science along with WCBV meteorologists;  Mike Wankum and Danielle Vollmar. The WCVB team made special guest appearances in order to talk about the wonders of weather, from mild to the wild.


Live in Framingham as the snowflakes fly. Messy last shopping weekend before Christmas! #wcvb

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WCVB's Meteorologists participated in the Lightning Show at the MOS Theater of Electricity. They talked about vivid extreme weather topics like how clouds make lightning, how to predict thunderstorms, lightning safety, etc.

With proofs from the various equipment in the theater. A.J. served at different television stations in the region, such as WCSH6/WLBZ2 in Maine, WMUR-TV in New Hampshire and FOX25 New England Cable News in Boston.

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