How Much Does John Colaneri, One of Two Cousins from HGTV's Kitchen Cousins Make? Net worth in 2017 and Career

News by Clarence Published on 10 Jun,2017 Updated on 10 Jun,2017

Cousins is like seeing a pack of friends having fun.An American TV personality, real estate developer, and home makeover expert  John Colaneri and his cousin, Anthony Carrino make the show what it is. 

Best known as "The Cousins" in the United States, the Co-host of HGTV’s Kitchen Cousins, John Colaneri and  Anthony Carrino have great bonding professionally and personally. That bond has helped the show and the duo make a lot of money. How much exactly? We'll find out. 

We have some exclusive details about one of the cousins, John Colaneri's, sources of income and net worth.

How much is John Colaners Net Worth, His Sources of Income Explained

Third-six years old Colaneri has performed on several home makeover shows on the HGTV Network, DIY Network, and Fine Living.He along with his cousin redesigning over hundreds of kitchens and houses which is his main source of income.

John Colaneri

His successful career as real estate developer and home makeover expert helped him to accumulate most of his net worth.
According to, John Colaneri is paid around $9k - $10k per episode production of his shows. He is most likely paid in hundreds of thousands annually for creating and performing in the shows Kitchen Cousins and Cousins on Call. HGTV is one of Colaneri's income sources.

Colaneri and his cousin also appeared in various online series like Chill & Grill on Television appearances is another of his income sources. 

John Colaneri  and his cousin  Anthony Carrino

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Colaneri's big project came with Ellen DeGeneres online series, Grand design.The show was basically designed to decorate a room in just 24 hours in only $1,000 dollars. They were obviously paid in hundreds of thousands for the show. 

Taking all this in context, and how they must work outside of the show as well, Colaneri's Joint net worth with Anthony Carino is $ 5 million, most likely, or more. However, official figures aren't made public. 

John Colaneri and His Assets

Talented Colaneri has renovated several classic styles and lavish houses So, one would obviously think his own house would be a state of the art thing. .Well, it is pretty simple and lovely. Yes! Colaneri keeps renovating his house!


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 Colaneri owns a stunning bungalow in New York, with a simple and close to nature vibe. He resides there with his lovely wife and a little daughter.


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 Colaneri also owned a stunning and stylish car in which he loved to travel with his family.He shared a video of his family having fun, singing and traveling. 

John Colaneri and His Rich Lifestyle

 With such an impressive net worth, Colaneri is living a luxurious lifestyle.He spends must of his money traveling tp different places with his wife and little daughter. 


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He frequently shares his travel and adventure pictures on Instagram.For more details about Colaneri's life, keep coming back to Article Bio.