How Much Did The 'Entourage' Star Kevin Dillon Paid in Divorce Settlement from Jane Stuart, Also Information on His New ''Girlfriend''

News by Saburo Published on 13 Jun,2017 Updated on 13 Jun,2017

Mamaroneck-based actor, Kevin Brady Dillon is widely recognized as Johnny Drama Chase from the HBO comedy series Entourage that led him to win a Primetime Emmy Awards and a Golden Globe Award.

But there's more than his successful career that keeps Kevin Dillon on the news. Take his nasty divorce from 2016 whose consequences he's still paying for, for example! We have the details if you are not updated with the phenomenon that Kevin Dillon's nasty divorce has become!

Kevin Dillon And Jane Stuart’s Nasty Divorce

The Golden Globe Award nominee, Kevin married an actress and model, Jane Stuart on 22nd April 2006 in Las Vegas. Kevin and Jane welcomed their first daughter, Ava, on 17th May 2009. Besides Ava, Dillon also has another daughter, named Amy, from the previous relationship. 

Image: Jane Stuart, Kevin Dillon


The pairs who separated amicably and got divorced got into quite a battle for spousal support.  According to TMZ, Kevin Dillon whose net worth is said to be $10 million agreed to pay $10, 000 a month as spousal support.

Image: Jane Stuart, daughter Ava, and Kevin Dillon


Jane filed for divorce in July 2016, after ten years of marriage claiming they split in earlier in May. Kevin claimed their split took place in October 2008. The date of their split is especially significant as according to Jane Dillon earned over $16million for his role in Entourage, that started in 2004 when they were together!

Kevin Dillon Settled His Divorce From Jane Stuart

The Entourage star, Kevin Dillon is set to have settled terms with the mother of his child and ex-wife Jane Stuart in 2016. According to sources, Kevin agreed to pay the actress wife $3, 174 a month in child support for their daughter Ava, 11, and she receives $7, 214 in monthly spousal support.

Image: Jane Stuart and Kevin Dillon 


In the case of child custody, a spokesperson for Kevin declines to comment on the report. Kevin and Jane supposedly "have pledged" to raise their 11-year-old daughter Ava together as she is on top of their priority. Jane also claimed, Kevin kept daughter Ava in the dark over his finances. 

Who Is Kevin Dating After Divorcing Jane Stuart?

Kevin Dillon is spotted with a mystery companion after his divorce from Jane Stuart. Like his role in Entourage, as Johnny Drama, Kevin seems to be on a hunt for beautiful ladies!

Image: Kevin Dillon spotted with a new Girl

Source: Dailymail

Kevin Dillon, 51,  was spotted in public with a beautiful blonde woman and a black dog for a coffee break in Malibu.

Image: Kevin Dillin seemed quite close with this blonde beauty

Source: Dailymail

Even the small black canine accompanied the duo could only watch as the two loved it up. The pair seemed quite close, as they tried to keep their hands off each other while seated at a small table.The Entourage star couldn't actually help but lean in for a smooch at one point, after lovingly caressing the blonde lady's face.


 Kevin Dillon lovingly caressing the blonde woman's face

Source: Dailymail

Thereafter, the pair thought to take their beverages and snacks to go. While it's not absolutely clear where Kevin's current relationship with the mystery blonde stands, we are sure there'll be more to follow!

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