How Jessica Steen manage married life and her TV SHOW

News by Bartle Published on 11 Dec,2015 Updated on 11 Dec,2015

The body, hot and excellent actress Jessica Steen is active in the film industry from the part 1981 till the present context. She is highly known from the Canadian film and actress in various sorts of television like her roles in Soldiers of the future is one of the excellent one out of her career. Well, her act in NCIS also grabbed the attention of millions of her fans across. She has also moved on to various celebrity fashion shows that made the heart blow out of her fans.

Steen facts is that, she is a huge animal supporter and an environmental list. This is amazing to her Steen managing her time within various places. She is working for the society across as well within the same time. She is married with the American producer, photographer and actor David Newsom, still she states, “I love to maintain privacy about my personal life within the media”. She is a brilliant lady managing her both family time and her work out.

Steen states, I Love to spend my vacation and other free time with my dog Peggy. I also often visit towards the animals and feed time, Well! It’s challenging for me to manage my works side by side but there is adventurous in it.”

Steen has a happy married life after a long affair. She manages her love life and TV show side by side. She spends most of her time with her husband travelling and hanging around. She also loves to cook his favorite dishes. As Steen’s nationality is Canadian and David is American they never had any misconception regarding their religion, nationality and custom.

Steen’s net worth is satisfactory level. The fact is according to Steen; David is also one of the major factors behind her success. They have a mutual understanding so that Steen never has to face difficulty in balancing her married life and the show. They are not planning for a baby yet, they are thinking for it soon. Steen also has a motivational capacity to wake up David when he is feeling low. According to David, Steen is always his power and strength who always holds his hand in any difficulty of life. This might also be the reason behind the success of their personal relationship.  Jessica after the show always makes a call to her husband and shares every story of the whole day. They keep on talking the whole night if they wish.

Steen also works in every of the household activities. She loves cleaning washing and cooking. Still, David restricts her to take rest and spend free time with him. David states,” I love to see her whole day and night and not let her go to her work, if I could. Steen states, David sometimes behave like a child with his silly act, but she loves his attitude.