How is the professional career of 59 years old TV Anchor Tom Griffith going? Find out the details!

News by Clarence Published on 08 Aug,2016 Updated on 08 Aug,2016

The professional career of Mr. Tom Griffith actually started many years before, when he stood behind the radio microphone and-and the school anchor desk in his college. His professional career led him to Ohio to West Virginia and Kentucky from Pennsylvania before he reached in New Hampshire in 1988. He has shared priceless stories during his travel to the states and during his 10 inaugural years in "New Hampshire Chronicle", his personality shined brightly.

Through history-making moments in the state and nation, Griffith sat beside the anchor desk. Due to the reason that he was part of the Jerry Lewis Muscular Dystrophy Association telethon for over ten years through the times of crisis, his dedication becomes extraordinary to his community. After the attacks of 9/11 statewide flooding and during the Gulf War following much more, he took part in  telethons to help military families back home.

From the first in the nation primary state, his coverage of politics has reached unprecedented across the country and the world. The prestigious names of candidates and political dignitaries interviewed by Tom Griffith are President George W. Bush, President Bill Clinton, President George H.W Bush, Vice President Al Gore, and Vice President Dick Cheney. He has interviewed many first ladies, congressman, and congresswomen, senators, presidential candidates and governors who pass through a state in seven New Hampshire primaries.

59 year Tom Griffith has spent 27 years of his life as a political anchor. He came to WMUR in 1988 which has won countless awards for election coverage, overall coverage spot news. There he has moderated many political debates and forums for statewide offices and has provided analysis of New Hampshire Primary through CNN, C-SPAN, and FOX. In the movie "Primary Colors" Tom tom played as the New Hampshire newscaster.

He has a wife Janice with three children Tom, John, and Elizabeth. He has been doing a great job in WMUR-TV since 25 years for which he must get a great salary as well. His salary and net worth have not been revealed yet, but we can guess by his lifestyle and personality that he is a pretty rich person.He has welcomed many well-known journalists including David Brinkley and Peter Jennings in the newsroom and taken part in debates regarding local and national issues.