How is the married life of TV personality Brandi Maxiell going on with basketball player Jason?

News by Clarence Published on 24 Oct,2016 Updated on 24 Oct,2016

TV personality Brandi Maxiell has been in a married relationship with Jason Maxiell since 2009 and she admits that her life partner has been nothing but supportive to the VH1 reality show star on an interview with VH1.

The reality shows star of VH1 Brandi Maxiell  best known for "Basketball wives, LA" has signed up for the fourth edition of the reality season. The sole reason for the hit show is to give the up-close look at personal lives of basketball player's family. This is a hard pill to swallow for any Star player to be filmed around with a camera on their nose.  letting viewers know about their family condition as well as and almost every expect of their personal life is obviously difficult.

Brandi Maxiell, a part of Basketball Wives LA

These kinds of reality shows have even caused problems in the lives of some celebrities but not to this duo. The romantic couple is in the season for the second time and Brandi admits her husband has been supportive so far.

Jason, who plays for  Chinese Basketball Association, looks all devoted to Brandi's commitment to do the season for the second time. Brandi is considered to be a modern day independent women and is linked with many projects other than her reality show appearances.

Brandi's Marrie Life & Career

The couple dated since their high school days and moved in after Jason started playing for Detroit's famous NBA Club Detroit Pistons. Brandi was diagnosed with ovarian cancer at the early age of twenty-four and she went through chemotherapy sessions. She was declared cancer-free in 2008.

Two years after winning the deadly fight with Cancer, she married Jason in 2010. The couple wanted to have a baby but Brandi's condition after ovarian surgery could not support a baby and finally, in 11-11-2011,  the couple welcomed their first son Jason Maxiell Jr. 

Our sources confirm that Brandi earns an impressive salary of $2.5 million a year from reality TV shows and appearances and her handsome husband  Jason Maxiell earns more than $1 million a year as a basketball professional in Chinese Basketball Association.

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 The combined salary of these two celebrities grows up to be US$ 3.5 million. The net worth of both star couple combined reaches over 10 million US Dollars.