How David Haffenreffer became Real Estate Broker from reporter

News by Bartle Published on 21 Dec,2015 Updated on 21 Dec,2015

David Haffenreffer who was working as a reporter in the past is has currently become as Real Estate Broker. David was previously working as a news reporter. He was very serious and interested within his working as a reporter later changed his direction to the broker right after he planned to get a divorce from his wife Lara Spencer. This couple were married 15 years before and planning to get a divorce currently. They said that with long planning and mutual agreement they are planning to get separated and not so happy with their decision till today. Neither are they planning to change their decision.

David states that the decision was not taken that easily and they love each other as well as their children very much. Still they did not state the major reason behind their actual separation and fact behind the end of their 15 years of relationship. This couple was married in New York of Southampton and was planning to go their long life together. But they have some of the internal issues and internal aspects that made them obliged to take this decision. Still the couple is not ready to mention their actual reason behind it. David and Lara where earning a good net worth and were providing a wealthy home to their children fulfilling the needs and demands.

Lara stated, being the wife of David she was very proud and it was a long journey and turning of David life to become a Real estate broker from the reporter. David is a very hardworking person. He states, his live is devoted across his children and working just for them so that they can earn a healthy living. David took the decision to stop working as a reporter because of his insecurity of his job. As this might also not be the actual fact, since he has not mentioned any specific reasons about it. This was a long and struggling journey indeed. But David currently is happy with his professional life.

David is very fortunate and talented person. He loves using his creativity to formulate any unique concept and his further progress in his professional life. He also loves spending most of his time with his children and provides them a qualitative time across. He also maintains a good gap with the public and let people know about only of his few aspects about him and come closer to him. David is also planning to reallocate his business. He is planning to get shifted so that he can avoid his memory regarding his marriage and marital relation. He has not mentioned where he is actually planning to move across but have stated among his fans that he will be declaring it soon whether through the social media or from the face to face interaction with the public.