How Bradford Jacobs Is Shaping The Professional Employment Outsourcing Industry

Outsourcing seems to be an option for every entrepreneur nowadays. It helps them increase their production and scale their business internationally without having to spend as much money.

In fact, the youngest self-made billionaire, Kylie Jenner, outsource a part of her business, and yes, the manufacturing part of it.

However, outsourcing a part of your business is like walking on eggshells. Many entrepreneurs, (even big Fortune 500 players) who tread on this tempestuous journey, have failed miserably. From having issues about by-standard products to losing customer confidence (look at Apple); there's much to lose than gain when you outsource.

Good thing, there are people who're willing to help you, and across the European Union, Bradford Jacobs has helped many foreign companies, big and small, outsource into the EU more smoothly.

Armed with years of experience and a huge network of knowledgeable HR and accounting professionals, it has become a trailblazer that prepared the way for foreign investors in the region.

Here are a few ways that show how Bradford Jacobs make outsourcing to the EU a lot better.

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Bradford Jacobs Helps You Hire The Right People Fast

The secret to outsourcing successfully is finding and connecting with the right people. Finding the right people to hire within your country is a tough job and much so if you’re doing it in the EU.

To answer this, Bradford Jacobs carefully vetted 50 specialist recruitment partners for its RPO services (recruitment process outsourcing) across Europe, Asia, the UK, and the Americas which serves 10 countries in the EU.

This vast network of recruitment suppliers is able to serve multiple disciplines and business sectors, including IT, healthcare, Aerospace, Engineering, Transportation, Life Sciences, Finance, Telecommunication, Oil and Gas, and Pharmaceuticals.

This huge network of recruitment specialists and talent acquisition managers will help you find the best people that will truly meet your company’s needs.

Bradford Jacobs Helps You Keep Them

Managing your company remotely is a huge challenge especially in its early days. And your growth would very much depend on your first set of employees during the crucial incubation period.

To help businesses like you maintain a good retention rate and balance overhead costs, Bradford Jacobs offers co-employment that allows you to share employer responsibilities with them.

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They can take care of immediate and long-term HR and payroll concerns, while still giving you full access and control to the direction of your business’ projects. You still have control over the hiring and firing process while staying legally compliant.

As a co-employer, Bradford Jacob’s main responsibility is to give your outsourced employees legally compliant employment contracts, ensure timely remittance of wage taxes, payroll, and immediate access to HR services.

This way, you can choose who and when to absorb as your own employees should you decide to hire them as your own company’s direct employees in the future.

Bradford Jacobs Gives You A Leg Up Over Your Competition

Aside from giving you immediate access to the cream of the crop employees, Bradford Jacobs’ knowledge about the local business laws can help you create a better job offer and business plan.

Nothing beats a well-written job offer; whether it be lesser wage taxes or a flexible work arrangement, Bradford Jacobs can provide you guidance on how to take advantage of the existing laws to help you offer more benefits to your prospect employees.

And should you need to employ people across borders, Bradford Jacobs will help you and your employees with visa processing. They have a team of visa experts that can give one to one advise, information, and representation for your employee's application for European visa or work permit.

Bradford Jacobs Is The Answer To EU’s Complex Labor Laws

The EU is known for its thriving workforce; boastful of its better work-life balance, especially for parents and caregivers. And each member country is constantly improving their labor laws, in fact, the Netherlands is known for diligently updating them annually.

This and the ever-changing business landscape in the EU adds complexity to the ongoing HR work of every company. Bradford Jacobs’ HR and Payroll a s sociates lift this burden from your in-house HR and Payroll team, avoiding the loss of time and unnecessary sanctions from accidental non-compliance because of the complexities of outsourcing.

Together with its partners across Europe, Bradford Jacobs continues to be one of the professional employer organizations who uphold a truly high standard when it comes to outsourcing.


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