Hold On! Has Beyonce really copied the work of a Swiss Actress for "Hold Up" ?

You have obviously heard of Beyonce, yeah? Maybe, that was a wrong question to ask the music lovers! The Flawless singer Queen B has never gone out of track when it comes to being popular and famous for the songs written and sung by her. BUT, this time, she is in the news because of something different she has done. Are you updated what has dragged her to the controversy?

With her new album ‘Lemonade’ released, whole the blogging world dealing with the gossip stuff was on fire. Now, the entertainment news site has again gone to the same stage. The singer with the net worth of around $450 million has been lately accused of copying the work of a Swiss Actor for the video clip of Hold Up.

The ‘Dangerous Love’ singer Knowles is said to be the culprit for copying the clip from the song ‘Ever is over all’. The vocal in the music video is the Swiss artist Pipilotti Rist and she apparently has accused Beyonce of copying the idea for the clip of Hold Up

In the newly released video from the album Lemonade, we can clearly see the 34-years-old dressed in yellow, joyfully strolling down the street with a baseball bat and smashing the car windows. In the same course, she sings Cause it ain’t right / Especially comin’ after midnight.

If the video is to be compared with Pipilotti’s clip, the only difference you will notice is the yellow dress changed into blue one! It certainly is not the first time the Bee has been involved in the case of plagiarism, but this time, it seems like the case is of a severe kind.  

It is reported that she had copied the clip and dance moves for her song ‘Countdown’ and ‘Who Run The World’ in one of her musical tours, earlier. Hope, she deals with the issues like she has always been doing.



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