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Hiroyuki Sanada is an actor of Japanese nationality who has been known for his endeavors in the acting fraternity. He was born on the 12th of October in Tokyo, Japan and has been actively involved in the acting fraternity ever since 1968. He started off his career in hopes to be an action star but moved on to different kinds of roles over time and has been known best for his role in Sunshine.

Sanada started training at the mere age of 11 and developed his martial arts ability over time. Sanada’s career in marital films started off after he was introduced to Michelle Yeoh and he started in Sunshine first. He then appeared in Rush Hour 3 with Jackie Chan.

He has established himself as a well-known actor who is adept in playing in several roles on films. He was noted as a serious actor only after he appeared in the movie Mahjong Hourouki and has since appeared in the Royal Shakespeare Company in their production of King Lear and making him earn an honorary MBE on 2002. His other famous movie roles include acting in The Twilight Samurai, The Last Samurai as well as Ring and Ruby. He has also appeared in films like The White Countess, The Promise and The City of your Final Destination. Also having appeared in the ABC series Lost, this actor has managed to win the attention and fame from people all across the world.

Sanada has been very secretive about his personal life and talks very little on the matter. He has managed to become extremely well known in the acting fraternity but has not had any relationships with anyone in the acting fraternity. He was married to Satomi Tezuka since a long time. She became his wife on 1990. They were together up until 1997. They were together for almost 7 years but they split up soon after. The couple has two children together.

Hiroyuki has never considered marriage since then and also seems to be single as of now. He has never been known to have had relationships with anyone outside the acting fraternity as well and seems to be extremely secretive about the matter. It sure can only be hoped that more information in regards to his personal life and dating history becomes available to fans in the time to come.

The height of Sanada is known to be of 5 feet and 7 inches.  His weight is known to be 63 kilograms and he has maintained his body perfectly and looks exclusively good on screen. He has managed to attain the net worth of a whopping 10 million dollars for his endeavors in the acting fraternity and will surely continue to earn a huge amount of salary in the days to come.

by Bchrome, 08 Jul, 2016

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