Hello' Singer Lionel Richie Eyeing On To Join American Idol

News by Alex Supertramp Published on 25 Jun,2017 Updated on 14 Aug,2017

Lionel Richie desperately met the producers of “American Idol" this week and asked them to join the show as reported by sources.

They were in a meeting for around two hours and the producers were impressed by the legendary singer/ producer.

singer Lionel Richie

singer Lionel Richie, source: shared

Sources have confirmed that the legendary actor will be soon seen on the show as the producers think he is fit for the show.

 The executives of the American Idol show views him as a nice judge. Katy Perry too would like to see him on the sets. Hence the third place to be filled as a judge on the American Idol show will keep us waiting for a while.

Richie is still on wait until producers will finalize and negotiate Ryan Seacrest’s hosting deal.

source: LiveNation

Seacrest has agreed to the money -- somewhere between $10M and $15M but he wants an executive producer title and 'A.I.' honchos are resisting.