Have you heard of actor Noah Ringer's girlfriend? Who is the young actor dating these days?

News by Clarence Published on 24 Oct,2016 Updated on 24 Oct,2016

Noah Ringer, a famous child actor who did the role of Aang in the famous cartoon turned movie The Last Airbender, has completed his  high school degree, recently. The news was officially announced by Noha himself by posting it on his Facebook profile with a caption "BIG DAY". The 'Aang' actor of Avatar is busy with SAT preparation and is checking out colleges for his graduate level studies.

Noah Andrew Ringer, commonly known as Noha in his friend's circle was born on 18th of November, 1996 has recently stepped into nineteen years of age. Now, our goofy child actor Aang looks all grown up with an athletically shaped body and height of five foot and six inches.There is no doubt that the actor gets lots of movie offers but the actor chooses to go to college and finish his studies first.

Young Actor, Noha is a High school Graduate:

Noha Ringer is a high school graduate and recently got his driving license. He is best known for his leading role in The last Airbender although the movie did not do that well in box-office Noah became famous for his acting skills.



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 His former two movies were The Last Airbender released in 7.2.2009 and Cowboys and Aliens 7.29.2011 starring Danial Craig and Megan Fox.

Career in Movies and Martial Arts and Net worth:

Noha,  a young evolving artist, has an exciting future in the field of martial arts as well as acting. The actor is a source of all inspiration because he is also a social activist and takes part in different kinds of fundraiser programs too. He has participated in 25 tournaments, winning 100 medals (80 of them being gold). As a part of the Leadership Program, he teaches other students in the ATA. Our sources confirmed that he is taking gymnastics and Choy Li Fut kung fu classes.

Other than movies he is a well known ATA fighter he holds the record of winning five Crown State Champion American Taekwondo Association in 2009 for Traditional Forms, Traditional Weapons, Sparring, Extreme Martial Arts Form, and Extreme Martial Arts Weapons.  He is a second-degree black belt in Taekwondo and has competed as well as won in many competitions. Noha also was a first-degree black belt at the early age of twelve. His recent movie The Peppercorn Chronicles is set to release in 2016.

Noha is a hard working young man who already has worked with some famous actors like Danial Crag, Megan Fox and Dev Patel in his early teenage. If we take account of all of the shows he does martial arts awards and movies the little man already is a Million dollar baby. He holds the net worth of USD 2 million dollars.

Does he have a Girlfriend or Is He Dating Someone Secretly?

The young actor is all about martial arts. The actor is not a big fan of TV too and so far there is no rumor about him dating or having any girlfriend(s). Noah has female friends in high school and is a very sociable person according to his friends. So, there are possibilities that he may be dating someone but he has not posted any images of his. 



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With the limited amount of proof, we cannot call anyone Noha's girlfriend yet. Let's hope the handsome gentleman gets a beautiful girlfriend along with good movies in the upcoming future. Noah's net worth from his acting and martial arts career sums around  US$ 400 thousand.