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News by Clarence Published on 27 Jul,2016 Updated on 27 Jul,2016

Beauty and fashion expert Amanda Steele is found on the very popular YouTube channel MakeupbyMandy24 which has now got more than 2.8 million subscribers. She started her career by from her bedroom, filming Dimly-lit tutorials at the age of 10 when she was in 5th grade. She was raised in Southern California with her sister Lauren by her mother. Three years later after she launched her YouTube channel, she realized that she was being approached by a specialist management company and that they wanted to help her to cash in on her rising internet fame.

But at the suggestion of her mother, they saw who else was out there and instead of signing with the first person she met, she signed with Big Frame. At the suggestion of her mother's friend, Big Frame is her current agency. Amanda had started private schooling at home since she was 14 years old for focusing on her rising career as a makeup expert. Her top priority right now is not to get a college degree but to concentrate on her future career. You can see what her top priority is, only by looking at the success of her YouTube channel.

Amanda has got 2771840 subscribers and 190256211 views from MakeupbyMandy24 and has got 598884 subscribers and 19787723 views from Maaannnndddyy. The youngster receives payment with every view on her video and she also earns from advertising. This has become an incredibly lucrative business for her. We can also see Amanda Steele's success by looking at her tutorial on how to achieve her everyday make-up look, receiving more than 1 million views since it was posted only two weeks before.


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Amanda's bio looks very interesting due to her passion for her work and because she doesn't do her job to cover up but she does it because it is fun for her. Her present net worth is $315000.