Happy International Kissing Day! Here are Five Hottest On-Screen Kisses of All-Time!

News by Riya Published on 06 Jul,2017 Updated on 14 Aug,2017

It All Starts With A Kiss... “Happy International Kissing Day”

Imagine a day like any other normal day when you have schedules to meet like every day. You are tired and that sleep after a 10 to 5 job is the only thing u have liked in recent days. The next morning is something unexpected as your daily routine is taking a break and u have time got to be by the side of your loved ones.

Yes, my friends, I’m talking about this particular day that you never want to waste for any other works and meetings. Happy international kissing day!

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Started in 2006, international kissing day focuses on kissing between partners and loved ones to mark the place it holds in our society.

Here are five extremely hot kissing sequences from movies that you would love to see.

  • TWILIGHT- A Kiss Knows No Boundaries 

  • SUPERSTAR- A Kiss Is Unconditional

  • PRIDE AND PREJUDICE- A kiss Lifts You Up

  • PLANET OF APES- A Kiss Is Forever

  • THE NOTEBOOK -  A Kiss Is Ageless

Everyone Is Allowed To Love

An interesting fact about kissing is that 5% of people above 45 years of age, lock lips 31 times in a week. And I guess what else could be the reason to give them a valid purpose of locking lips in public and expressing their love for one another.