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Gwen Yeargain was previously married to Hank Williams Jr., the renowned American country music singer and songwriter. They crossed paths around 1970 when Williams Jr. was approximately 21 years old, eventually tying the knot in 1971. During their marriage, they welcomed a son named Shelton Hank Williams III in 1972.

Unfortunately, Gwen and Hank's union came to an end, culminating in a divorce in 1977. The specific reasons behind their separation remain undisclosed. Following their divorce, Gwen Yeargain retreated from the public eye, preferring a return to a private life. Currently, information about her whereabouts remains unknown.

Who Is Gwen Yeargain's Husband?

Gwen Yeargain and Hank Williams Jr. were married from 1971 to 1977, during which time they had a son named Shelton Hank Williams, also known as Hank Williams III. Despite their union ending in divorce, the specific reasons for their separation remain undisclosed.

A black and white picture of Hank Williams Jr. and his ex-wife Gwen Yeargain.  SOURCE: Pinterest

Following their divorce, Gwen Yeargain intentionally kept a low profile, choosing to stay away from the public eye and media attention. She has maintained privacy regarding her current marital status and has refrained from sharing additional details about her personal life.

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A Brief About Gwen Yeargain's Ex-Spouse

Born Randall Hank Williams on May 26, 1949, in Shreveport, Louisiana, Hank Williams Jr. is a celebrated American singer-songwriter and musician known for his distinctive blend of rock, blues, and country music styles. He entered matrimony with Gwen Yeargain on April 7, 1971, and together they welcomed a son named Shelton Hank Williams, also known as Hank Williams III.

After the divorce in 1977, Gwen Yeargain chose to lead a private life, keeping details about her current whereabouts relatively unknown. In addition to Shelton Hank Williams III, Hank Williams Jr. is also a proud father to musicians Holly Williams and the late Hank Williams III, while also embracing the role of grandfather to Coleman Williams.

What Is Gwen's Ex-Husband Hank Williams Jr.'s Net Worth?

As of now, Hank Williams Jr.'s estimated net worth is $45 million. His wealth accumulation is primarily attributed to his highly successful career as a country musician, songwriter, and performer. Williams Jr. has garnered substantial earnings from the release of numerous albums and singles, alongside extensive global tours entertaining large audiences.

Gwen Yeargain's former husband Hank Williams Jr's net worth is $45 million.  SOURCE: - Saving Country Music

Beyond his music career, Hank Williams Jr. has diversified his portfolio through investments in real estate and various ventures. However, specific details regarding his properties and income sources are not extensively documented or widely available.

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Gwen Yeargain's Ex-Husband Nearly Died In An Accident

A significant turning point in Williams' life occurred in August of 1975 when he faced a life-threatening climbing accident on Ajax Peak in Montana. While ascending the mountain along the continental divide near Jackson, an almost 500-foot fall resulted from the snow giving way beneath him. The impact caused severe facial and skull fractures as he landed on hard rock. This dramatic incident was later portrayed in the 1983 television film "Living Proof: The Hank Williams Jr. Story."

Following the accident, and enduring substantial injuries, Williams underwent a challenging two-year recovery period that involved multiple reconstructive surgeries. To conceal the scars left by the incident, he adopted a distinctive appearance by growing a beard and regularly donning both sunglasses and a cowboy hat. This transformed look became his signature style, marking a defining shift in his public image from that point onward.


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