Greenleaf star Merle Dandridge is secretly married. Who is she married to?

News by Saburo Published on 10 Apr,2017 Updated on 11 Sep,2017

Merle Dandridge, the singer, and actress is usually quite private about her life. However, when asked what is the first thing she does when she goes home in an interview with Architectural Digest, on June 2016 she said:

“Kiss my husband and my dog, a little terrier mutt that I got at a shelter.”

It wasn't even known she married till the interview, and after the interview, it was out that she was living happily with a family.

Is Merle Dandridge secretly married?

Well, the answer to that is YES! As Merle Dandridge mentioned the first thing that she does is kiss her dog and husband, she is a married woman. And the lucky guy is Christopher Johnston.

Christopher Johnston and Merle Dandridge

Christopher Johnston and Merle Dandridge


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Even though this couple got married on May 21st, 2011 at Sherman Oaks CA, the ceremony was very low-key.They haven't discussed their love life, like at all! A Hollywood couple that keeps things private! Something new, isn't it?

Christopher Johnston and Merle Dandridge

Christopher Johnston and Merle Dandridge


Merle Dandridge's interesting childhood

Dandridge had a very interesting childhood. She was born in Japan to an African American Air based EOD official for The USA, posted to Japan and Japanese mother from Korean-Japanese descendant living in Okinawa Japan on 31 May 1975.

Merle loves her Japanese mom and her husband a lot. She has even posted a photo of her mother mentioning her to be her hero

But she has managed to keep her husband away from the media.

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What is Merle Dandridge up to now?

The season 2 trailer for Greenleaf premiered on February 17, 2017. Merle plays the character of Grace Greenleaf in the series. She is now busy promoting the new season.