Grammy Winner Rapper Chance and his Girlfriend Kirsten Corley's love life along with Kirsten's net worth

News by Saburo Published on 31 Jul,2017 Updated on 31 Jul,2017

We all know Chance the rapper is right? Well if you don’t you might be quite busy in your world but no worries because we are here to rescue you already.

Chance the rapper is the one who recently won three Grammies i.e. best new artist, best rap album, and best rap performance. Yes! You got us right, we are talking about the 23 years old rapper from Chicago who became the first artist to win a Grammy without selling physical copies of his music or selling much of his music at all. Before moving into Kirsten Corley's net worth let's know about their relationship in detail.

All About Chance and Kirsten Corley's on and Off relationship

Would you not want to know about his love life or say girlfriend to be specific? Well, we know you do, so here is your answer:  Chance was once linked in an affair with Kirsten Corley a native of Chicago since 2013. Later in 2015, she gave birth to their daughter named Kensli Bennett.


chance the rapper, grammy award

 Chance the rapper at Grammy Award
 Source: Los Angeles TImes 

As per the sources, Kristen filed the petition on February 2016 asking the court to announce Chance as Kensei's father and her to be the sole caretaker of their baby after they broke up. 


No matter what we are, we're always family 

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Also, she asked Chance to pay for the expenses incurred during the period the pregnancy. But as per the report, the sometimes on and sometimes off couple Chance and his lover Kris have reconsiled. Today it is believed that she already withdrew petition as they are living together again.

Kirsten Corley's Net Worth

Heading towards the net worth of Kristen Corley, she somehow has managed to keep her personal life out of the spotlight as there is not much information given to the media about her personal life. It seems that she doesn’t want to grab unnecessary attention or whatsoever.

However, it’s claimed that the couple is together again so her net-worth can be considered as much as of her lover. Or at least in three more years, she would practically be able to claim the half of Chance's net worth legally. Thus, the estimated net worth of Chance is said to be $9 million, in which his yearly income estimated to be $117,647.

His main source of earning is from tours merchandise, endorsements, and sponsorships also, he has partnered with brands like Nike, Dockers, Chicago White Sox, and New Era. Moreover, he was also featured in the commercial of Kit Kat in 2016.

It seems all good in the hood in Chance’s life lately as he reunited with his girlfriend and also is on the high point in his career so we hope this remains as it is and we wish more luck to him in the days to come.