Governor Dan Patrick in a Nasty Talk at the Chad Hasty Show about Agendas with Joe Straus

News by Alex Supertramp Published on 24 Aug,2017 Updated on 24 Aug,2017

The Chad Hasty Show witnessed Lt., Governor Dan Patrick. On Monday, Dan joined the program where he talked about House speaker, Joe Straus.

He expressed his disappointment talking on the special session about the House speaker, Joe Straus.




When Patrick, was questioned about new legislative session by hasty, he made remarkable expressions. Hasty also asked him whether a conservative agenda can be passed in the presence of Joe Straus as the speaker of the white house. He answered it saying:

It is difficult but the Governor and I, the Texas Senate and we have a very conservative Texas Senate, and we did our job, we passed all 30 of our conservative priorities during the regular session and about half got to the Governor’s desk and we passed again eighteen of the Governor’s agenda items and about half got passed to the Governor. So what we need is Governor Abbott as Governor, myself as Lt. Governor to fight against the speaker if he (Straus) is still the speaker.

Source: Breitbart

Well, what going on between Patrick and Straus can be assumed pretty well.