Golfer Bill Haas and Actor Luke Wilson Faced a Deadly Ferrari Crash in California

News by Alex Supertramp Published on 15 Feb,2018 Updated on 15 Feb,2018

 On Tuesday night, actor, Luke Wilson and golfer, Bill Haas indulged in a fatal crash.

According to the reports by a  Los Angeles Police Department West Traffic Division, the driver of a Ferrari lost his control over the vehicle and collided with two vehicles on the road.

Source: ImageVC

Furthermore, the reports say that the driver of the Ferrari died on the spot after the vehicle rolled over several times.  The golfer, Bill has who was traveling as a passenger i9n the Ferrari was taken to the hospital after severe injuries along with a 50-year-old woman who faced the collide in another vehicle.

It was confirmed that the woman was hospitalized in serious conditions.
According to KTLA, the Ferrari was on its way North Chautauqua Boulevard in Pacific Palisades around 6:30 PM when it fatally crashed into a BMW and subsequently slammed into a tree after multiple rolls. 

Luke Wilson who was in a separate vehicle when the accident took place. He was unharmed when the car crashed. 

According to the Los Angeles Police department west division, Haas did not face any injuries and was in the same vehicle with Wilson but LAPD officer later clarified that Haas was a passenger in the farrari with the driver.