Georgian Family Files Case Against Georgia State Who Stopped Them From Naming Their Child Allah"

News by Alex Supertramp Published on 30 Mar,2017 Updated on 31 Aug,2017

The officials of America stopped a parent from keeping their child name “Allah” in America. American civil liberty union of Georgia (ACLU) has filed a case in support of the parents.

Parents, on the other hand, told that to stop us from naming our child as Allah is solely targeting our rights.

Andrea Young, executive director of the Georgia ACLU


A news agency named Atlanta journal constitution has reported that in Georgia State of United Stated, the department of public health has stopped a couple named Elizabeth Handy and Bilal Walk from naming their 22 months old child “Allah”.

whereas in another hand the Georgia department of public health said that according to the law the last name of the child can be handy or walk or a combination of both but not Allah. On 23rd March the parents filed a case against the Georgia state with the support of ACLU.