George Michael’s Boyfriend Fadi Fawaz Says ‘Is in Hell and Feel Shameful about Lover’s Death’

News by SaburoPublished on 16.Jul.2017

Fadi Fawaz has opened up about his true feeling while he lost his partner George Michel on last Christmas. He remained mum about the matter for over six months, however, he recently expressed his emotion through a poem.

Fadi Fawaz and his ex-boyfriend George Michael

Fadi Fawaz and his ex-boyfriend George Michael


He said, he was pretty ashamed and found himself in hell after he lost his long-time partner at his Oxfordshire home.

Fadi Fawaz, George's hairdresser initially and later turned boyfriend, has recently shared his great agony in a poignant poem on Twitter which reads in four verses.

Fadi’s friend told The Sunday Mirror,

Fadi feels ashamed about not being able to save George, he misses him so much. There is a lot of emotion coming from him at the moment and this is a medium in which he can express himself.

George and Fadi were in a relationship for over a year who were spotted walking together in Switzerland in 2015 after which they were speculated to be a couple.