George Bodenheimer Net Worth: See how much this Business person is worth?

News by Clarence Published on 09 Nov,2016 Updated on 09 Nov,2016

Do you know about ESPN's George Bodenheimer? The common American man who joined ESPN as a clerk and ended his career as Executive Chairman of ESPN, Inc. Bodenheimer is a god of sports news media who completely changed the future of sports and gifted it to the world.

Straight from the Mailroom to the Boardroom, what did this sports' hall of frame do which helped him gain Sports Lifetime Achievement Award can be a well-known story to all sports enthusiast. However, if you fancy him and want to know how much does this sports enigma actually earns, you are at a right place. 

We guarantee you - by the end of this column, you will have the answer  for all your queries. We will take a look at his personal life in the most economic way as possible and give you the figure which will be reliable and true. So, without further ado, let's take a look at this Sports Channel's Harry Houdini's Salary and net worth.

Bodenheimer's recent career

After contributing for ESPN Network by upgrading its projects such as ESPN Plus, ESPN Motion, ESPN PPV, ESPNHD, ESPN2HD, ESPN3, ESPNU, ESPN Deportes, he is all into music industries. Presently, he runs the famous web network known as SiriusXM currently. 

Salary from SiriusXM & Net Worth

An insider reports that the magic man for ESPN has been Re-elected to the Board of Directors for Sirius XM recently in 24th April 2016 and receives a huge salary for his post of director's post. A recent report shows the below-mentioned figure he accumulates from the company.


Salary and Bonus  $175,000
Stock Awards  $149,999
Option Awards  $75,010
New Equity Grants  $624,032
Equity vested  $2,140 (Sirius XM)09/10/2016
New grant $125,613 (Sirius XM)05/25/2016


So, If we add up all of the figures his yearly income reaches US $ 1,151,758 to be exact.  His net worth has reached round about $25,000,000.

George Bodenheimer is Changing the American society with money power

The active humanitarian who retired as ESPN's CEO does have a big heart and is doing everything he can to bring changes in American society. There are traces of his donations for cancer campings time and again.

Moreover, he also is an active member of Auction Charity event called Don't Give Up conducted by ESPYs V Foundation for Cancer research organization has time and again donated for the Nobel cause.