Garwin Sanford is still single at 62, His Personal Life Details and Gay Rumors

News by Saburo Published on 07 Jun,2017 Updated on 09 Aug,2017

Garwin Sanford, known for his work as Norm in the movie The Tall Man of 2012 has managed to keep his personal life details very private till now. He recently 

So, his past relationship and affairs have always been under the radar which has made his fans speculate him as being gay. Is it the truth? If it's true then, who is Garwin Sanford's boyfriend? Let's get to the depth of it.

Is Garwin Sanford Gay or Not

People tend to make hasty judgments in Hollywood and Garwin Sanford has been one of the victims. In Hollywood, if you keep your private life away, are not seen with women and not married even after 30, you are gay! Well, more power to you if you are gay, go team LOVE! But Creating such a stereotype isn't healthy for anyone!

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Garwin Sanford


So, the point is that Garwin Sanford is not gay. He just likes to keep his affairs to himself and he does not care what people think about him. As a matter of fact, The Barber actor was married one and also had a kid but the news did not come out for some reasons.

Garwin Sanford

Garwin Sanford


Even though the Get Carter star was into a married relationship once he is single now. The information about his wife has been well hidden from the world like his divorce.

In contrast to that, his career is something different, most of his roles and work are known to everyone. It's like an open book to the world. And there are a lot of projects that he has been involved in. Let's take a look at that

Garwin Sanford's Well-Known Career

Garwin's notable roles include Stargate SG-1 and Stargate Atlantis. And most of his fans know him as Narim or Simon Wallace, characters from the movies.  He's also worked in movies like The Tall Man from 2012, Get Carte from 2000 and, The Barber from 2002.

There are some more, here's a table to demonstrate his works.

Year Title Role
2016 Love By Chance Sam Michaels
2015 The Birdwatcher Finch
2014 Bad City News Anchor
2014 When Calls The Heart William Thatcher
2013 Words and Pictures Huntsman Manager
2013 No Clue Nelson
2013 Independence Daysaster Dennis Brubaker
2013 Once Upon A Time In Wonderland King
2013 Cedar Cove Colin McFadden
2013 The Toymaker Killer Dr. Brazer
2012 The Tall Man Robert
2012 Arrow Justin Claybourne
2012 The Music Teacher Principal Smith
2012 Lucille's Ball Doctor

With all the movies Sanford has done, he's won some honorable awards as well. One of the awards is Sam Payne Award in 2015 for B.C artist who demonstrates humanity and the encouragement of new talent integrity.

Hope the actor finds love, as there have been people who have got married in their the late 70s. For more updates and celebrity gossip keep coming back to Article Bio.