Game of Thrones is not all about fun and games says hot Maisie Williams

News by Clarence Published on 08 May,2016 Updated on 08 May,2016

The beautiful and hugely talented Maisie Williams has blurted out the exact thought about Game of Thrones. While viewers may find the show to be extremely entertaining and wait and anticipate for it patiently, she has gone on to state that Game of Thrones is not all about fun and games and that acting her part of Arya Stark has been a hell of a job for her to do.

The English actress debuted her acting career by getting the major role in the hugely talked about show, Game of Thrones. Her debut has been a character that other actors would dream to get but it seems that Maisie is not enjoying her acting role much. She has gone on to state that acting on the show has been a hell of a job for her to do. Her role of the quirky, tomboyish character has been liked by people all across the world, her acting skills has been compared to several other elder actors who showcase other roles on the show. After her debut in the show she has managed to bag roles in Doctor Who as well as in The Falling. This pretty beauty however finds that acting her role of Arya has been a hard job for her to do as she has to keep up with the expectations of fans all across the world.

The pretty beauty has a height of 5 feet and 1 inch and her body measurement is 35-25-35 and her figure is perfectly suited for the role that she portrays on the screen. She has the net worth of a whopping 3 million dollars at the age of 19 and has been actively involved in the acting fraternity since her debut in GOT. She has managed to keep her personal life a well-kept secret and reveals very less about her affair. She has never released any information about her relation and has no boyfriend as of now.