Game Of Thrones -7 Is Way More Exigent. Prepare Yourself with These 5 Basic Mantras

News by Alex Supertramp Published on 10 Jul,2017 Updated on 10 Jul,2017

The seventh edition of Game of Thrones is returning to the screen on this July 16. So, if you are really excited about the upcoming version of the GOT, you may follow these simple mantras to make this season memorable.

1.Keep all Your Devices up to Date

Don’t delay to charge your laptop, pay cable bills, or make the good connection. Do whatever you need to do to see the premiere live.

2.Avoid Any Plans on Sunday

You might need all your day on Sunday to prepare your GOT-themed snacks and to build up enough mental strength to make it through the show’s shocking moments. So, you just need to set aside all your Sunday plan for Monday.

 3.Get Some Caffeine and Keep Eye Drops in Pocket

Just in case, you’ll be up all the night in front of your mobile screens to over-analyze every single scene, you might need some caffeine or some eye drops to keep yourself awake.

4.Be Prepared to Lose one of Your Favorite Character this Season

The seventh season of the GOT is supposed to be full of action and thrill. So you might have to accept that any one of your favorite casts might lose his/her life in this season too as in the previous seasons.

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 5.Kick your To-Do List Out

Well, at least until the first few episode, you’re not going to be productive that you‘ll do every task as in your to-do list so, it’s better to keep it aside for first few weeks.