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Gal Tirosh is married to Safra Catz, a prominent businesswoman who leads Oracle. The married couple has been married for over two decades, tying the knot in the late nineties. 

Despite having different professions, Gal and Safra's marriage is described as strong and blissful. The enduring nature of their relationship is attributed to the power of true love that transcends differences in age, race, religion, or profession.

How Did Gal Tirosh & Safra Catz Meet?

Gal Tirosh, a former football coach and husband to Safra Catz, co-CEO of Oracle, shares a unique personal and professional journey with his wife. Despite differing careers, the couple's connection is speculated to stem from their shared Jewish heritage and Israeli roots. The romantic pair married in 1997 in a private ceremony. 

 Gal Tirosh married his spouse Safra Catz in 1997. Source: Instagram

Safra Catz's family moved to the U.S. from Romania when she was six, and she later became a naturalized American citizen. The couple's paths crossed after Safra completed her education, but she remains private about her personal life, preferring to keep it away from the public spotlight.

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What is Gal Tirosh's Net Worth?

Gal Tirosh, a coach and writer, possesses a net worth of $100 thousand. In contrast, his wife, Safra Catz, is an Israeli-American businesswoman and entrepreneur with a staggering net worth of $1 billion.

Gal's spouse Catz assumed the role of co-CEO at Oracle in 2014, and her association with the company spans over 15 years. As one of the highest-paid female executives globally, she earned $38 million in 2014.

Gal Tirosh Has Two Kids

After a brief courtship, Gal Tirosh decided to take his relationship with Safra Catz to the next level and proposed to her. The joyful acceptance led to their marriage in what is believed to be 1997, solidifying their commitment to face life's challenges together.

Even though both Gal Tirosh and Safra Catz are originally from Israel, they met in the United States.Gal Tirosh and Safra Catz are blessed with two children. Source: Instagram

The married couple Safra and Gal, blessed with two sons, Gary Tirosh and Scott Tirosh, resides happily in Los Angeles, near Oracle's headquarters. Their exceptional bond is characterized by profound understanding, mutual respect, unwavering honesty, trust, and enduring love.

In their bustling lives, Catz never frets about picking up their boys from school, as her supportive husband, a former coach, is always ready to assist. Notably, the highly successful businesswoman attributes much of her success to Mr. Tirosh. Despite their demanding lives, there is no mention of divorce or extramarital affairs, underscoring the strength of their unwavering commitment to each other.

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Safra Catz Is An Israeli-American Businesswoman

Gal Tirosh's wife Safra Ada Catz is an Israeli-American billionaire and technology executive. She was born on December 1, 1961, in Holon, Israel, and holds a law degree from the University of Pennsylvania.

After a brief period of dating, Gal Tirosh decided to take their relationship to the next level and proposed to Safra Catz.

 Gal Tirosh's wife Safra Catz is an Israeli-American billionaire and technology executive. Source: Instagram

With a 14-year stint on Wall Street covering the software industry, Safra joined Oracle in April 1999, becoming a board member in 2001. Currently serving as the CEO of Oracle Corporation, Catz has played pivotal roles such as president and chief financial officer.

Beyond her contributions to Oracle, Safra also serves as a director of The Walt Disney Company. Recognized as one of the most powerful women in business, Gal's spouse Safra is esteemed for her influential leadership and enduring impact on the corporate landscape.


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