Gal Gadot And Kate McKinnon Kissed On Saturday Night Live

News by Joey Jordan Published on 09 Oct,2017 Updated on 21 Nov,2017

Actress Gal Gadot, who played Diana in the 2017 movie Wonder Woman, hosted the Saturday's episode of the SNL. She reprised her role of Diana of Wonder Woman in the show where she got close with the cast member Kate McKinnon.

The sketch was recreated on the same paradise of Themyscira, ''island nation of the Amazons''. The parody began with Diana's training in combat. However, the war game was interrupted by two lost vortex-piercing tourists, played by Aidy Bryant and Kate McKinnon.

Gal Gadot locked lips with Kate McKinnon at SNL

Gal Gadot locked lips with Kate McKinnon at SNL


McKinnon and Bryan, who were lesbians, came to the island looking for companionship. Ultimately, Gadot (who played sexual naivete character in the film) and McKinnon went on kissing for 13 seconds.

It's like a porn but the plumber is genuinely there to save the pipes

Bryant said after the two locked lips, she said she was unaware of any sexual implications.

After the long kiss, Gadot said, "I felt nothing". 

Gadot, the Israeli actress, is best known for her role as Wonder Woman in the eponymous film. She has reprised the role in Justice League which is preparing for its release in November 2017. Besides, she has also worked in the several version of The Fast and Furious franchise.