Four Teenagers Killed In Indiana After A SUV Hit Them From Behind While Helping To Push A Broken Car

News by Joey Jordan Published on 27 Aug,2018 Updated on 18 Dec,2020

Four Teenagers Died In A Tragic Car Crash In Indiana

  • Four girls were killed and five others injured after an SUV hit them from behind while helping a broken down vehicle.
  • The four victims have been identified as Naveah Law, Martin Martinez, Jenna A. Helton, and Brittany Watson.
  • Among these four victims, three died at the scene whereas  Martin died at the IU Health Methodist Hospital.
  • Police have been still investigating the cause of a tragic crash.

Four teenager girls were killed in Jackson County, Indiana on Saturday, 25th August. The girls were reportedly trying to help push a broken down car outside a home.

The tragic accident occurred while eight teenagers trying to push a broken down vehicle were hit by an SUV driven by Elizabeth Watson, 24, of Seymour shortly after 11 on Saturday night.

CAPTION: Jenna A. Helton, 14, was killed on Saturday night car crash SOURCE: Daily Mail

The Chevrolet Traverse struck into the vehicle dragging it to skid for 200 meters before they stopped.

Naveah Law, 14, Martin Martinez, 16, Jenna A. Helton, 14, and Brittany Watson, 15, have been identified as the victim of the crash where Naveah, Jenna, and Brittany died at the scene while Martin was pronounced dead at the IU Health Methodist Hospital.

Three other kids were taken to a nearby hospital for treatment whereas another teenager was treated and released at a nearby medical center.

CAPTION: Nevaeh Law and Brittany Watson who died in a car crash on Saturday SOURCE: Daily Mail

The Jackson County Sheriff Mike Carothers said he had seen before in his 30 years of law enforcement. He said,

I'm really saddened by this. This is a brand new one

Cara Selby, 37, broke down her car just a block away from her house, where she was going to have a slumber party. At the same time, the juveniles came outside to help her to take the car to her home. Then, the Chevrolet Traverse driven by Watson crashed into them from behind.