Four People Including An Infant Killed At An Apartment Building In New York

News by Joey Jordan Published on 31 Jul,2018

Two Women, A Child, And A Man Found Dead In An Apartment Building In New York

  • Two women, a man, and a five-year-old baby found dead inside an apartment building in New York.
  • Police recovered four bodies on Monday night while responding a 911 call.
  • New York Police Investigation Department chief told they speculated the incident might be a murder-suicide.

Four people including a baby boy of five were found dead in an apartment building in New York on Monday night, New York Police reported.

Police recovered four dead bodies in the first-floor apartment on 30th Drive at 23rd Street in Astoria at around 8:50 when they responded an emergency call about a man bleeding.

CAPTION: Four people including a child killed in a New York apartment SOURCE: ABC News

Dermot Shea, the New York Police Department Chief of Detectives, told the reporters, two women, a man, and a boy were found dead in a Queens home. He further said that detectives have been investigating if the deaths have been a murder-suicide. He said,

We don't lean either way, but that is something certainly we will look into.

He further said,

We don't want to leave any stone unturned. There are calls that we believe are going to be related to that building, but it's a little preliminary.

According to the sources living near the apartment, the incident is a triple murder-suicide where the man killed two women and a baby before shooting himself. The sources also claimed that the shooter was the resident of the building.

CAPTION: Police swarmed to the New York apartment after four people were found dead SOURCE: New York Post

Police found a black semiautomatic pistol from the scene where all four victims were shot dead, and the man's throat had been slashed.