Former Playboy Model Christina Kraft Found Dead At Her House

News by Joey Jordan Published on 24 Aug,2018

Former Playboy model Christina Kraft was found dead in her home in Pennsylvania on Wednesday night. The 36-year-old model was found strangled in her bedroom.

The Pennsylvania police reported that the model is the homicide victim. A spokesman for the DA's office confirmed late Thursday night that Carlin-Kraft was the murdered.

CAPTION: Christina-Kraft, a former Playboy model was found dead in her room SOURCE: Flickr

Police were called to her home to check on her welfare at around 9:15 on Wednesday night, however, it was initially unclear who and why someone called the police.

When police entered her home, they found her dead body and the police said the evidence at the scene indicated that she had been strangled to death. However, the police didn't confirm whether they had any suspects or not.

Days before her murder, Kraft had informed police that someone was stealing items from her house. Later, ABC News reported that police found some of her stolen possessions including her handbags, and jewelry in Southwest Philadelphia.

In 2016, Carlin-Kraft was charged with physical assault after she allegedly kicked the manager of a fine restaurant on Manhattan's Upper West Side following a fight over the bill. The charges said that Carlin-Kraft struck the manager in his neck during the fight.

CAPTION: Former Playboy model Christina Carlin-Kraft found strangled in her room SOURCE: Novus Vero

Carlin-Kraft, who was charged with misdemeanor assault, attempted assault, and harassment, was freed from all the charges on a condition that she would stay out of any other trouble for six months.