Florida Man Who Killed His Wife 26 Years Back Sentenced To Life In Prison

News by Joey Jordan Published on 22 May,2019

Florida Man Sentenced To Life Imprisonment For Killing His Wife In 1993

  • Michael Haim, 52, was sentenced to life imprisonment for killing his wife in 1993.
  • His wife, Bonnie Haim, then 23, disappeared from his house in January 1993.
  • Their son, Aaron Fraser indicated his father hurt his mother when he was only 3, however, no one believed him.

A Florida man who killed his wife 26 years back has been sentenced to life in prison. The sentence comes five years later his 29-year-old son discovered his mother's skull in the backyard of his childhood home.

The man, Michael Haim, 52, who was convicted of the cold murder of his then 23-year-old wife, Bonnie Haim last month would spend the rest of his life in state prison.

CAPTION: Michael Haim sentenced to lifetime in prison for killing his wife 26 years back SOURCE: Daily Mail

His son, Aaron Fraser helped to prove him guilty by collecting the remainings of his mother's body from his childhood home in 2014 where he reached his brother-in-law.

After Judge Steven Whittington announced his Mr. Haim his sentence, Fraser said,

I honestly don't feel that different than I did four years ago before I found her.

He further said,

I always believed he killed her and that justice needed to happen, but even today, when the judge said he’s going to have a life sentence, it wasn’t this great emotional feeling that I had

According to Florida Times-Union, Fraser tried to tell police that his father hurt his mother when he was 3, but no one believed him. Not even his mother's family members believed him. Last week, Fraser told Action News Jax he 'always knew' his mother was buried.

Bonnie Haim disappeared in January 1993. Days later, her car was found near the Jacksonville International Airport, Florida while her purse was found in a hotel trash-bin. At that time, Haim told officers his wife left their home without their son after their argument about their marital problems.

CAPTION: Michael Haim and Bonnie Haim with their son Aaron SOURCE: Daily Mail

He also claimed he went searching for his wife, however, he didn't register any missing complaints to the law enforcement.