Five Unusual Facts About Golden State Warriors power forward Draymond Green

News by Riya Published on 10 Jun,2017 Updated on 18 Dec,2018

NBA Finals undoubtedly are one of the biggest game nights in the United States of America. Golden State Warriors (116) are leading the series against Cleveland Cavaliers (137) 3-1. The NBA final game 4 was according to Nielsen the most watched NBA Finals since 1998.

Game 5 is scheduled for Monday in Oakland, California at Oracle Arena, Tipoff a9 pmpm ET. In the wake of the big final game, let’s discuss on a popular player this season. We are talking about Golden State Warriors’ power forward Draymond Jamal Green Sr. 

Five Unusual Warrior's Draymond Green Facts

1. Draymond Green admires Charles Barkley, but doesn't like being compared to him!

This is a fact. Green responded to ESPN with a ''Hell no'', upon being asked if he's the modern-day Charles Barkley. He added '' “I’m the modern-day Draymond Green. F–k no.” He clarified all in a tweet.



2. He sold a home wearing khakis!



3. Draymond is all for Gender Equality



4. Draymond has two kids, a daughter Kyla and a son Draymond Jr

He shared a heartfelt Insta when Draymond Jr was born, the caption reads:

 Family is such an important part of my life and to welcome a kid into this world is a dream come true. @jaykay35 you were a soldier and I appreciate you more than you will ever know! My baby girl Kyla was there and slept through the entire thing but she was also a soldier through the whole process and will be a great big sister! 




A post shared by Draymond Green (@money23green) on


5. He’s meme A LOT, Not everyone likes the outspoken and trash talking, nut kicking Draymond

This one is actually positive! Best of Kevin Durant and Daymond Green's chest shaking moment from the NBA finals



Memes can get nasty!



A little bit of Michael Phelps too, by the way, the picture was taken in 2016 Olympics

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