First Use Of Video Assistance Referee In The World Cup History

News by Corey Taylor Published on 16 Jun,2018 Updated on 16 Jun,2018

Video Assistance Referee is a technology recently introduced in 2018 FIFA World Cup and was used for the first time in today's match, France V. Australia. The technology was used by match referee Andres Cunha of  Uruguay in the 58 minute.

The referee used the technology to clear his doubt regarding a foul on the French striker Antonio Griezmann by Joshua Risdon. It favored the French team as they were rewarded with a penalty which was converted into a goal by Griezmann.

Also, the goal-line technology came into play in this game. Pogba's goal-scoring shot in the 80th minute struck the top post at first before crossing the line which was confirmed with the goal-line technology.

CAPTION: Pogba's goal SOURCE: Google

Well, the use of modern technology in the game has made it much easier for the officials. It also ensures fair play and right decisions, however, many football fans aren't against the use of modern technology as they think it just spoils the game of football by slowing it off and also playing with their emotions.